In the course of schooling, there are several activities that happens that needs students’ due and astute diligence in handling such affairs. This is very important because students are prone to flay at any slight provocation. Hence, the need for a practical and implementable guideline towards handling any provocation either with school management, government or other entities.

This publication therefore discusses what students activism involves, the challenges that violence in students activism poses and the need for a better approach to agitating for the rights of students in Nigeria.

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Meaning of Students’ Activism

There is every possibility that school’s management, government, etc. may implement laws that are against the welfare of the students’ community.

Student’s activism therefore, is the act or process of making sure that the rights and privileges of students collectively and/or individually are protected and guaranteed in alignment with best practices and standard performance by using necessary available tools and tactics in achieving common goals.

The 3 Cs in Student’s Activism

The universal approach used in student struggle is popularly known as the 3 C’s of Aluta. The three aluta Cs means:

1st C – Consultation
2nd C – Consolidation
3rd C –  Confrontation

The 3 Cs means that if there is any cause for a struggle, students must learn to consult first as the first step in the struggle process. Before any further action is taken, student leaders ensure that they have exhausted all possibilities for consultation. If this does not yield any fruit, then they consolidate.

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To consolidate means students leaders have to be more forceful and weighty in the struggle. In doing this, they include stakeholders, entities and organizations which may help meddle in the struggle. It is a kind of improved consultation.

While in the consultation stage, only the opposing party may be consulted, at the consolidation stage, students leaders drag in other stakeholders who can help resolve any challenge facing the community. If consolidation does not work, then confrontation becomes inevitable.

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Confrontation is actually the last call of the Comrades. It has to do with riots, strikes, and all methods of forceful actions that will attract positive consideration of the Comrades’ call. Before a student leadership call in confrontation, it is very impertant they exhaust all other approach to avoid taking unnecessary actions.

What is Aluta?

Aluta originally means “struggle”. Aluta is widely associated with the struggle for liberation or freedom of people from any form of repression, oppression or subjugation. Aluta originates in Africa and easily became a household word used when Africans were chanting for liberation from colonial rule during the colonial period.

The complete phrase of aluta is “aluta continua, victoria ascerta”, meaning “the struggle continues, victory is certain”. This was coined from the Portuguese phrase: “A luta continua, Vitoria e certa”- The Struggle Continues, Victory is Certain!

Why do Students Needs Activism?

Students often needs to engage in struggles as the only way to enforce students’ rights on campus. Just as Federal Government would encroach on ASUU, thereby causing strikes yearly, so too does schools’ management trample on students’ rights. Thus, the students needs continued struggle to free themselves from any form of oppression like ban, hikes in fees, suspensions, etc.

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While activism is a very important thing for the students’ community, they must learn to use it wisely to avoid breach of protocols. It is possible that students, out of haste, may not exhaust all possible means before they confront. Using the 3 Cs available to the students Comrades wisely will surely lead to a more peaceful agitation.


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