In the process of applying for a postgraduate study, you may be required to get a postgraduate referee who will stand to attest for your character and ability to engage in a postgraduate work.
In the undergraduate domain, it is called an attester. The attester is one who writes a letter of attestation for undergraduates who newly gets provisional admissions.

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At the Postgraduate domain however, you may be required to get a highly qualified person who must have passed through the postgraduate process himself as most of the items he/she will report and the process itself may need higher IQ.

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This is very important because at the undergraduate level, an uneducated parent can actually go to the cafe, ask for an attestation letter for his ward, get it signed and give to the ward to take to the university. But the peculiarity with the postgraduate studies will not allow for this.

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This brings us back to the topic of the day – who qualifies for a postgraduate referees? But first, it will be better to understand who a referee is. Lets get this clear first.

What is a Referee?

A referee is a person willing stand to testify especially in writing as regards the ability or character of someone, especially a job applicant or a student.

What is an Academic Referee?

An academic referee is one who stand to attest in writing about the capacity and level of comprehension of a prospective postgraduate student. The university management wants to know if the applicant have the capacity to withstand higher academic pressure such that may be found in a postgraduate studies.

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Based on this peculiarity, an academic referee must then be someone who is familiar with the postgraduate environment. If you use an uneducated parent, or a parent who stopped at the first degree level, what is the assurance that they are familiar with the items in the referee form given to them to fill? This is why ti is imperative to understand who qualifies for a postgraduate referee.

Who Qualifies for a Postgraduate Referee?

Universities often prefer that your postgraduate referee should be an academic referee such as a lecturer who taught candidate in undergraduate studies, Project/thesis Supervisor, Head of Department, Dean of Faculty, etc. These persons have a better awareness of your academic capacity even more than your parents and are in a better position to understand the items in the referee form.

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In the case of the Niger Delta University, it is requested that candidates must submit two referees, one of which must be an academic referee (Lecturer who taught candidate in former school, Project/ thesis Supervisor, Head of Department, Dean of Faculty). Candidates are required to fill in the email contacts of their referees in the course of the application, and also inform such referees as they would be contacted via email and required to provide information online.

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in a nutshell, it is more convenient to get two lecturers who you must have known over the years to be your referees. You must first inform them ahead and get their contacts, email address and phone lines to enable you fill them in your postgraduate application.

The major reason why you must have this awareness is that when many of these referees get the forms, they are not aware of how to go about it. But lecturers are always familiar with the form and do well in quickening the process for you.

For more information on who qualifies for your postgraduate studies referee, kindly contact your school’s postgraduate office.
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