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NDU Predegree school fees and charges are very vital information for prospective applicants. The Niger Delta University Pre-degree programme has several fees and charges paid by its students. From application fees to school fees, this material contains all the major fees the NDU Pre-degree students pay throughout the programme.

The following are NDU Predegree school fees and charges listed in order of their needs/occurrence:

1. NDU Pre-degree Application Fee (N16,000)

The NDU Pre-degree application fee is N16,000 for the form. Although café charge may top the total application fee to be N20,000. Documents needed for application for the Pre-degree programme is passport and O’level result. To apply, kindly call our office experience centre – +234806099054.

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2. NDU Pre-degree Acceptance Fee (N16,000)

The NDU Acceptance fee is the next fee to pay after application. Upon application, all applicants await admission which is often within an average period of one month – depending on when you applied. However, acceptance unlike the application comes with many other charges. These charges are listed below:

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NDU Predegree school fees and charges

3. NDU Pre-degree Admission Letter (N2,000)

The Pre-degree admission letter is printed with N2,500 when Eresoft was in charge. But with a change of platforms in this new session, the cost is expected to reduce drastically. As at the time of this publication, the collection of the admission letter is offline due to technical issues.

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4. NDU Pre-degre Statutory Declaration (N1,000)

Your admission letter comes with a document known as statutory declaration form. You are required to take it to the court for signing. The court officials may charge you N1,000 or less, depending on where you get your document signed.

5. NDU Pre-degree Attestation Letter (N1,000)

Attestation letter is another document you will spend money on. Many applicants and their sponsors may not be aware on how to write one, and may visit the cafes to get one. You may be charged N1,000 for this service. The attestation letter is written in the name of your sponsors, parents, etc. and signed by them.

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6. NDU Pre-degree School Fees (N150,000- processing is N2,000)

The NDU Pre-degree school fees is currently N150,000. It is advisable to ensure you pay your school fees on time in the Pre-degree programme because those who paid late had issues in the programmes as they were not allowed to write examinations. This is detrimental to a Pre-degree student. School fees can be paid immediately or few weeks into the first semester. In the undergraduate students handbook, an undergraduate have only three weeks and another one week grace to pay up his/her fees after which he is asked to defer the admission till the next year where he/she can pay up all pending fees.

7. NDU Pre-degree Hostel Fees (N15,000)

The NDU Pre-degree hostel fee is N15,000 only. Unlike the undergraduate hostel application, no processing fee is attached as it is paid directly to the designated school bank account. This practice may change soon as the NDU prefers online payments for all of its fees.

8. NDU Pre-degree Thumb printing (1,500)

As a Pre-degree applicant, you will also pay the sum of N1,500 for thumb-printing later on. Thumb-printing doesn’t really start immediately after admission. You will pay later as the programme continues. Always refer to the Pre-degree office for any issue not clear to you.

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Documents Needed for the NDU Pre-degree Acceptance

To successfully accept and complete your clearance for the NDU Pre-degree programme, the following documents are required:

  1. O’level result. This is your WAEC and/or NECO result(s).
  2. Passport
  3. Age declaration or birth certificate. Both documents are different but are used for same purpose. So, anyone you have is enough.
  4. Local Government of Origin certificate.
  5. Attestation Letter from your sponsors/parents/guardians.
  6. Statutory declaration. This form is contained in your admission letter. Once you get your admission letter, you will find it in page 2. Remove it, fill it and take to the court for signing.

How Much For NDU Predegree Clearance?

The NDU Pre-degree clearance fee cost N25,000. This includes the acceptance fee, processing fee, attestation letter, admission letter, statutory declaration in court, etc.

How Much For NDU Predegree Physical Verification?

The NDU Physical verification cost only N1,000. It is done at the Pre-degree office, New Site, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State

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NDU Predegree school fees and charges