How to collect original certificates for all schools and examinations depends on the school and examination in question. The process of collecting original certificate in the university differs from the process of collecting WAEC or NECO original certificate.
In this publication, you will learn how to collect original certificate for all schools and examinations. This includes original certificates for universities, colleges of education, polytechnics, secondary schools and primary schools.

How To Collect Original Certificates For Universities

To collect original certificates for universities, you must have graduated successfully and your name must have been displayed among the graduating students list in your course, department or faculty.

Firstly, check for the amount to be paid for the collection of the collection of original certificates.

Secondly, proceed to the office or portal where such payment for the collection of original certificate is made.

Write a letter to the relevant office issuing the original certificate in your school.

Take all necessary credentials to the office issuing the original certificate for processing and collection.

How Long does it take for Original Certificate to be Ready After Graduation?

The duration it takes before original certificate is ready in the university depends from university to university. Some universities’ original certificate are ready immediately students graduate. But for others, it may take up to a month before they are ready. To know when your original certificate will be ready, kindly visit the relevant office of your university.

How To Collect WAEC Original Certificate

To collect your WAEC original certificate, you have to visit the school where you wrote your WAEC examinations. Immediately the WAEC original certificates are ready, WAEC transfers them to the care of the office of the school principal. They are kept there until you are ready to collect yours. Some school principals may decide to charge higher WAEC original certificate collection fees as the keeping duration increases. So, it is advised you collect your WAEC original certificate as soon as possible.

If however, your certificate cannot be found in the school records/files, then you may be directed to WAEC office in the state capital where you wrote the examinations for further complaints. WAEC office will look into their records and either further direct you or present it for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Collect WAEC Original Certificate?

The cost of collection of WAEC original certificates depends on the secondary school principal. Some schools may accumulate fees and charges that well up to N3,000. Some other schools, because the WAEC original certificate has been under their care for a longer period of time, your charges may be higher. Some may even pay up to N10,000 in accummulated charges and fees.

How to Correct Errors in WAEC Original Certificate

It is very possible that WAEC may make an error in the spelling of your name in your WAEC original certificate. It is also very possible that you may want to change or correct your name used in WAEC examination. To make these corrections, you will have to do the following:

Visit WAEC office, usually located in the state capital of all states.

Write a letter of correction of name in WAEC original certificate (Note that it is better to apply for correction of name than change of name. Change of name is only meant for married persons who now want to use their husbands’ names.

Take along all your documents like LGA certificate, age declaration or birth certificate, etc. All WAEC registration credentials may also be necessary for sighting.

In the WAEC office, the officials there will assist you in completing any other process.

How To Collect NECO Original Certificate

The process of collecting NECO original certificate is also as same as the collection of WAEC original certificate. Visit your secondary school where you wrote your NECO examinations with all your relevant details. The principal or the teacher in charge of giving out certificates will charge you and present your NECO original certificate for you if it is within their documents.

How Much Does it Cost to Collect NECO Original Certificate?

There is no specified cost for the collection of NECO original certificate. It is the school that will determine your NECO original certificate cost by calculating existing charges and the duration of time your NECO original certificate stayed with them. Kindly visit the school you wrote your NECO examinations for inquiries.

How to Correct Errors in NECO Original Certificate

To correct errors in your NECO original certificate, visit NECO head office in your state capital. Ensure you take along all necessary documents like age declaration, LGA certificate, and any possible ID card that specifies your correct name like Driver’s license or National Identification Card. At the NECO office, you will be directed on the modalities to correct any error in your NECO original certificate. The most important thing is to be at the headquarters for further directives.

How To Collect JUPEB/IJMB Original Certificate

To collect your JUPEB or IJMB original certificate, kindly visit the school where you studied for the programme. They are often ready weeks after the final examinations were concluded. The JUPEB or IJMB original certificate is what students used for admission into 200 level in the universities.

How To Collect Primary School Leaving Certificate PSLC

Primary School Leaving Certificate (PSLC) is the document issued by the primary school head master to graduates of a primary school. To collect the primary school leaving certificate, visit your primary school for evidence of studentship showing you actually attended the primary school. The head master can also check their records for confirmation of claims to certify that you actually attended the school. Attendant charges may apply after which you will be presented with the certificate.

How to Collect NDU Original Certificate

The NDU original certificate is issued at the Senate office by the admissions office block in main campus. To collect your NDU original certificate, you must do the following:

Pay certificate collection fee of N26,500.
Pay N3,000 for alumni fees
Visit the bursary office to confirm your receipts
Photocopy the following documents in three and submit at the senate office:

1. Certificate collection receipt
2. Alumni receipt
3. handwritten application letter for collection of NDU original certificate
4. Original o’level certificate
5. Online printout of your o’level certificate
6. Completed clearance form (for new graduates only. Older graduates do not need this).

No other charges is attached unless for photocopies and/or proxy services. For assistance, in the collection of NDU original certificate, call +2348060699054, +2348050706635.

How to Collect UNIPORT Original Certificates

To process your Uniport original certificate, the following documents are required:

1. Clearance form duly signed by:
Head of Department
Bursar (Students Account Officer)
Faculty Officer/College Secretary

2. Alumni association fee receipt
3. Original success letter

You are also required to pay N3,000 only at any Branch of the University approved Banks, excluding U & C Microfinance Bank. Then print online receipt and obtain receipt from the Treasury Office, Bursary Department located at 2nd Floor, Senate Building, University Park.

4. Original certificate fee receipt

You are to pay the sum of five thousand five naira (N5,500) at the underlisted Bank and obtain receipt from the Treasury Office, Bursary Department, 2nd Floor, Senate Building, University Park.
Account Number: 2019256382
Bank Name: First Bank of Nigeria PLC
Name of Account: Uniport Student Fees A/C 3

5. Convocation pack (student’s copy of transcript and original certificate) receipt
You are to Pay the sum of N23,000 only at any Branch of the University approved Banks excluding U & C Microfinance Bank. Then print online receipt and obtain receipt from the Treasury Office, Bursary Department located at 2nd Floor, Senate Building, University Park.

How to Collect UNILAG Original Certificates

Charges for collection of UNILAG Statement of Result – N3000
Charges for collection of UNILAG Certificate – N5000
Charges for collection of UNILAG Transcripts – N5000

To collect your UNILAG original certificate, printout the Remita Code and proceed to any of the banks on campus to make payment. Complete the clearance form and take it to your Coordinator for endorsement.

You are to tender your payment teller, clearance form, a copy of your admission letter and school fees receipt at Room 003 (Accounts Office) for confirmation and endorsement.

Write a letter of application for collection of statement of result and original certificate. Attach the signed clearance form, original bank teller, a photocopy of your tuition fee receipt and admission letter to the application letter and submit at the Director’s Office Room 203, HRDC.

How to Collect UNIBEN Original Certificates

UNIBEN original certificate collection procedure can be completed and collected the same day. For UNIBEN graduates from all programmes, they must provide all five Senate recommended requirements which are:

1. Statement of result
2. School ID Card
3. Convocation Gown
4. Student Affairs Clearance slip, and
5. Screening Certificate

In UNIBEN, the Exams and Records office process and issue the Uniben original Certificate to graduates upon the provision of the required credentials.

Requirements for Collection of UNIBEN Original Certificate

The following is a step by step process and the credentials graduates must come along with before collection of UNIBEN original Certificate:

1. Original screening clearance certificate
2. 1 Photocopy of Statement of Result
3. Original Academic/convocation Gown Receipt
4. Original student ID card or letter of identification from Head of Department with a Passport Photograph
5. Student Affairs Clearance slip

Step One:
Visit the Exams and records office and submit your screening certificate and statement of Results. Wait behind until you are called.

Step Two:
Once invited to go in, you will make 2 photocopies of the screening certificate and one photocopy of the form to be provided by the Exams and Records office.

Step Three:
You will be asked to submit your student’s ID Card, original student Affairs clearance, a photocopy of the screening Certificate and academic Gown receipt. You will also be asked to attest that you have collected your Certificate by providing some receiver information like original and sponsor’s copy collected by me, your signature and date.

Uniben Requirements for Degree Certificate Collection

How to Collect NDU Original Certificates

To collect your Niger Delta University original certificate, certain procedures must be followed. Unlike UNIBEN where the exams and records office issue certificate, in NDU, it is the Senate office that tenders NDU original certificate. See the documents needed below:

Requirements for Collection of NDU Original Certificate

1. Original O’level certificate and printout
2. Statement of result (only for older students. NDU no longer issue statement of result but directly original certificate)
3. Alumni receipt (if you lost your own, it is now 3,000)
4. Certificate/Convocation receipt of 26,500
5. Handwritten application letter

Procedure for Collection of NDU Original Certificate

1. Pay N26,500 (for certificate and convocation)
2. Pay N3,000 (for alumni)
3. Go to Bursary to confirm and sign your online printed receipts
4. Go to Alumni office at Dean of Students’ Affairs Office, Newsite, to confirm and sign online printed receipt
5. Photocopy three each of the following documents:

a. O’level Original Certificate
b. O’level online printout
c. University Statement of Result
d. Alumni Receipt
e. Convocation and certificate receipt
f. Handwritten application letter

6. Submit at the Senate Office, upstairs (right) to admissions office in main campus
All applications are to be forwarded in person to the Senate office in main campus. Duration for collection is often one day when your certificate is ready. Just apply as early as 10:00am and by 12-2:00pm, it should be ready.

NDU Original Certificate Collection

How to Collect Ahmadu Bello University ABU Original Certificates

To collect your Ahmadu Bello University ABU original certificate, you will need to follow the following steps one after the other:

Step One:
To collect your ABU original certificate, make cash payment of Six Thousand Naira only (N6, 000) at the Ahmadu Bello University Micro Finance Bank.

Step Two:
The payment is made with three tellers for the sum of N2, 000.00 for each teller, made to the Academic Office, Directorate of Advancement and the National Alumni Association.
Once payment have been made, submit copies of the tellers for the Alumni Association and the Directorate of Advancement to the registration officer in the Directorate of University Advancement, Room 26 who shall issue payment receipts.

Step Three:
You are to collect and complete the alumni registration form at the Directorate of Advancement office.

Step Four:
Proceed to the cash office, ground floor, Senate Building and present the third teller of N2, 000.00 to enable you to collect a receipt of payment made to the Academic Office as certificate processing fee.

Step Five:
At the Exams Office in Room 112, first floor of the Senate Building, obtain a screening form, fill and return with relevant documents such as receipts of cash payments made, original copy of statement of results and the university identification card.

Step Six:
Proceed to the Senate Building, 3rd floor, Room 311 for screening. After that, you will return to Room 112 at the Senate Building with proper identification to finally collect the certificate.

Official Guide: ABU Zaria Transcripts and Certificates Collection