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Students of the Niger Delta University are currently mourning the death of their dearly beloved coursemate, sister and friend, Ms. Ilonwa Gloria Chidumabi Kehinde, a final year student of the department of English and literary Studies.

Sources disclosed that Ms. Ilonwa Gloria passed on after a brief illness 3 days ago. She was said to be 23 years old when she passed on.

Ms.Ilonwa Gloria was said to have passed on after a protracted illness related to leukamia and persistent shortage of the blood – something she had suffered mildly from birth. All efforts by the family to save the situation proved abortive as a result of the persistence and recurrence of the situation.

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Meanwhile, friends and family members have arranged a candle night event for Ms. Gloria on November 27th, 2020 at Abule Bus stop, Lagos State at 6:00pm.

Friends and well-wishers have since taken to their social media handles to eulogize the young student, wishing the news could be mere rumours.

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A student wrote: “Rest well Gloria. Your demise has affected me in a way I never imagined. It’s too sad to say RIP to you because you were a woman in your prime. Good night dearly beloveth”.

“You are central to the true life of a scholar. A wakeful silence filled the air”.

“Good night my dogged compatriot, I thought we could all pass out together despite the delays from asuu and that you could fight the illness with a determined resistance. RIP Miss Gloria Ilonwa!”

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“RIP, the great entrepreneur of class of 2020. What an unpalatable misfortune. She took ill last week and died 2 days ago”.

“Gloria Ilonwa, your demise reaffirms to me that there is really nothing in this world”.

“I know you had dreams, visions, aspirations, hopes and plans for a better future that got you into the Department of English and Literary Studies, Niger Delta University. I know how you ventured into so many types of businesses in school to enable you be that independent and industrious woman you had always wanted to be. Yet death stopped you from fulfilling your dreams. Even the dream of having a Bachelor’s Degree that is just a few months away…”.

“Miss Gloria Ilonwa, since I got the news of your departure, I’ve been so down and devastated. Rest in peace is hard to say to you??…. However, whatever our loss, thou has taught us to say “It is well with our souls! Adieu dear course mate”.

“I’m still in shock that you are gone. We were all supposed to resume school together, it’s very painful that you’ve been left behind. RIP Gloria. This is so painful”.