The rating of the Niger Delta University in recent past have indeed become very high as stakeholders begin to notice continuous improvement and massive construction in the University. The University PRO had aptly described the school as a “dockyard of construction“. The VC himself in his own discretion and foresight had also equaled the University to the prestigious Harvard University.

VC Has Turned NDU To A Dockyard Of Massive Construction – NDU PRO

There Is No Difference Between NDU and Harvard University – VC: Full Radio Talkshow Report

Visitors, especially graduates, parents, etc. had also seen cause to extol the administration for its passionate development of the institution as they continue to see unprecedented development such that have not been seen before in the history of the Niger Delta University.

Indeed, it is only those with a foresight view like the Vice chancellor that would understand when the Vice Chancellor likened the University to the prestigious Ivy league Harvard University in Cambridge, United States as the University continue to grow to measure up in the comity of Universities worldwide.

One of the policies that have shot the Samy administration up, high above any other administration is the newly introduced online graduate clearance. Before now, the graduate clearance of the Niger Delta University have been done offline where graduates have to visit various offices manually to get their clearance forms signed. These offices includes – but not limited to – all the Heads of Departments in a graduate’s faculty, the Dean, Hostel (whether you lived in the hostel or not), security, library, etc.

The offline graduate clearance was very cumbersome as many officials who were signatories to the clearance process are often hard to find in their various offices. To clear completely, graduates are drained and drenched in their sweat. The days spent to complete a graduate clearance is usually inestimable.

All thanks to the NDU management as graduates can now complete their clearance online without much stress. All payments are now online, paid anywhere, preferably with the little guidance/assistance of a cafe personnel if desired.

Nevertheless, despite this seamless process, we have recently noticed that some little challenges have bedeviled and impede the graduate clearance to the extent that the “seamless” factor in the process have been nearly altered.

Initially the process cleared off without visiting any single office. However, some offices now have some charges that set graduates backward in the process. While graduates previously cleared without visiting any office, many have to come to school to clear some fees before proceeding. The following therefore, are areas of impediment that obstruct the seamless processing of the NDU online graduate clearance.

Areas of Impediment

An observer following the NDU graduate clearance procedure would prefer to believe that “ALL” necessary fees have been paid online. However, the following areas constitutes impediments to the NDU graduate online clearance:

1. Library

The library is one unit that constitute impediment to the NDU online graduate clearance. Most students did not register with the library while in school and needs to clear up their indebtedness at the library office. If these fees were not captured in the online graduate clearance payment, it will be nicer if the NDU management do so. This is to overcome such impediment and attain that “seamless” graduate clearance process.

2. HOD

One of the greatest impediment to the NDU online graduate clearance is the Heads of Departments Unit, which is Unit one. Nearly all graduates have reported that they have to make payments up to the tune of N3,000 at the HOD level before they were cleared. Another graduate also lament that she paid up to N6,000 in her department before she was cleared. This means that the NDU online graduate clearance is merely ‘online’ by mouth but quasi in reality.

3. Dean

The offices of the various Deans of Faculties also impede the NDU online graduate clearance. A lady who cleared in the Faculty of Education last week reported that she was instructed to pay N1,000 at the bank, N2,500 at the Dean’s office and recharge card for the Dean. She estimated that those going for clearance should budget N5,000 in total to pay at the Dean’s office.

Areas of Strength

While the above listed offices impede the so much acclaimed NDU online graduate clearance, the following offices have been seamless and without hitches:

1. Security

The security office which is Unit 4 in the NDU graduate clearance process have been one of the best offices that ensure graduates’ easy clearance. Each time we visited, they always admonish you to go that you will be cleared without visiting the security office.

2. Bursary

The bursary office also does its best in ensuring students are cleared without hitches or delay. Most of our works that remain uncleared were usually due to error entries and were cleared upon presentation of relevant documents.

3. Exams and Records

The exams and records office is also one of the offices that constitutes the easiest units in the NDU online graduate clearance. They are also the most available office throughout the process.


Based on the impediments stated above, it would be nice if the NDU management implement the following for a seamless online graduate clearance procedure:

1. Any approved fees from the HOD’s office should be added to the online fees. This will contribute to making the process easier. If these charges collected at the various HOD’s offices are not approved, the management should kindly assist the graduates by scraping them.

2. All approved offline charges at the Deans offices should be integrated online; if not approved, we appeal for scraping.

3. The library error message showed a link to make such payment online, but the link is not responsive. Graduates have to go to the library office to make manual payments of N3,000. We appeal for the link to be accepting online payments otherwise scrapped if not approved.


The contents of this document are exact happenings experienced by the management and staff of Admissions and UTME Nigeria and not mere assertions. Hence, we expect that this document will serve as pressure on the NDU management to see how to make graduates using the online graduate clearance platform have a better experience.

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