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All You Need to Know About NDU Post UTME, Admission, Clearance, Verification and Registration



NDU Post UTME and Admissions procedures are very important things in the for admissions seekers to know about. The Niger Delta University is a fully State owned (funded) University located in the Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State. In recent years, the University management has transformed the University to a World Class standard University through vibrant and students’ friendly policies, community and stakeholders collaborations.

Inside this material, you will find all the information you need to know about various issues in NDU as an applicant and as a sponsor, parent, guardian, etc.

NDU Post UTME Screening

The NDU Post UTME Screening application allows applicants who already wrote JAMB and chose NDU as first choice only to seek for admission into the NDU. NDU does not accept second choice. So, all who wishes to apply for the NDU Post UTME Screening must change their choice of institution to NDU as first choice.

NDU Post UTME Screening Application

NDU Post UTME Screening application usually starts around June of every year and last through August. The University charges N2,000 for the form but online charge of N1,500 is also applicable but not published by the University. You will only see N2000 online as the cost of the post UTME form. Aside the form fee of N2,000 and system charge of N1,500, cafes may also charge you between N1,000 to N2,000 for the application processing fee.

To Apply For The NDU Post UTME For, Kindly Call Our ICT Office at Main Campus: 08060699054

How to Apply for NDU Post UTME Screening Examination

To apply for the NDU Post UTME Screening, candidates are expected to:

  1. login to
  2. insert your jamb number and score and relevant information
  3. pay the sum of N2,000 for the form and later another N1,500 for system charge.

The process is simple and easy to apply.

NDU Post UTME Admission Clearance Verification and Registration

To apply for the NDU Post UTME Screening, you can call our ICT office: 08060699054 

NDU Post UTME Examination

The NDU Post UTME Examination is also called Screening. Many candidates thinks because it is called screening, there will be no examination. However, the Post UTME screening is actually a CBT examination like JAMB CBT examinations. The NDU Post UTME Examinations always holds a week after the expiration of the application and the Post UTME examination last for a week (Monday through Saturday).

However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020/2021 NDU Post UTME Examination was delayed till November after application deadline of August 31st.

What is the General Cutoff Mark for NDU Post UTME Examination?

The general cutoff mark for NDU Post UTME examination is 160

What is the Departmental Cutoff Mark for NDU Post UTME Examination?

The departmental cutoff mark for NDU Post UTME examination is usually not released. Several attempt to get the cutoff mark from the admissions officer have proved abortive even when the VC had approved our request. However, this does not mean the University does not have departmental cutoff marks. just that the admissions office does not release such information.

NDU Supplementary Post UTME

The Niger Delta University officers supplementary post UTME examinations. This is also for only first choice candidates. sometimes, many applicants may have chosen another University and later want NDU as a result of requirements and cutoff marks. Again, some other applicants may have personal reasons to change their institutions later but unfortunately, the application deadline have passed. Because of this, the NDU always provide space for a supplementary Post UTME to enable all applicants in the category mentioned above to actually get a second chance to apply. However, take note that you must choose NDU as first choice or change your institution to first choice before you can apply for the supplementary Post UTME. This admonition is coming on the heel of perceptions that the NDU supplementary Post UTME is for second choice applicants. This is absolutely not true. The NDU does not accept second choice applicants.

Does NDU Accept Second Choice Candidates?

No. The Niger Delta University does not accept second choice candidates. If you are a second choice candidate and you tried to register with the NDU Post UTME Portal, it will not work. You will see a pop-up notification stating ‘invalid details’. So, to apply, kindly change to first choice. Then you must wait for a week or sometimes more before you can actually apply for the NDU Post UTME examinations.

When is NDU Post UTME Examination?

NDU Post UTME examination dates are contained in the application form page 2. The timetable contains dates for all courses and faculties. When you apply for the post UTME, the form you will printout will contain the timetable. For the 2020/2021 Post UTME Application, the form did not contain any timetable due to uncertainty posed by the coronavirus pandemic. Please, always follow us on Facebook at Admissions and UTME Ng NDU LATEST NEWS to get latest updates for everything on campus.

Venue of NDU Post UTME Examination

The venue of NDU Post UTME Examination is the NDU ICT centre. The NDU ICT centre is where all the University ICT/CBT examinations holds. This includes GST courses and several science and Faculty courses. The VC argued that to avoid missing scripts complaints, examinations should be written online. Hence, most NDU examinations now holds online.

NDU Post UTME Admission Clearance Verification and Registration

In the same line, Post UTME examinations also holds in the NDU ICT centre. The NDU ICT centre is located in Newsite Campus. First few buildings from the main gate and very easy to locate. On the Post UTME day, you will likely see many other applicants facing the ICT centre, so your own is to follow them. If you do not see people going there, then tell the Keke rider to kindly stop you at the ICT centre. Not too far from the Newsite gate and cost only N50 from gate.

Time For NDU Post UTME

Time for NDU Post UTME is 7:00am through the afternoon depending on when applicants finish their exams. During the NDU Post UTME, many applicants are often bothered about their examination time because the NDU Post UTME venue, seat number and time is not often contained in the Post UTME. In the 2019 Post UTME, applicants who got there 8:00am discovered that the exam already started by 7:00am. So, it is advisable that if you are far away, you should be in Wilberforce Island the day before so you can be on set by/before 7:00am

How Many Questions Do NDU Set For Post UTME?

The number of NDU Post UTME questions is 40. In the recent NDU Post UTME examinations, especially in the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 NDU Post UTME, there has been a consistency in the number of questions which has been 40.

How Many Minutes Does NDU Post UTME  Examinations Last?

The NDU Post UTME Examination last for only 40mins for all the 40 questions. However, many applicants did complained that they were given only 30mins while others said 25mins only. So, try as much as possible to attempt your bets questions first to attend to more questions rather than sticking with one question.

What Is The Overall Score For NDU Post UTME Screening Examination?

In recent sessions, the NDU score Post UTME results over 400. As stated earlier, the total questions is 40. This means that a question is 10 marks. 40 x 10 = 400. Nevertheless, it is possible that the University may adopt different scoring criteria and may differ if at all.

Requirements for NDU Post UTME Screening Examination

The requirements for the NDU Post UTME Screening is just your Post UTME Application form. Nothing more. When you get there, the officials will take the Post UTME form from you, get your Jamb number, login to confirm your application. Once confirmed, you are given your computer to commence writing immediately. However, you must not bring the following:

NDU Post UTME Admission Clearance Verification and Registration

  1. Calculators
  2. Phones
  3. Pencils
  4. Friends/parents
  5. Notebooks
  6. Biros
  7. Ot anything that would be considered illegal on that date. Although you can come with your parents, they must however, stay off the exercise venue.

How Can I Download NDU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers?

We sell NDU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers for only N1,000. we sell in hard copies in Yenagoa and Wilberforce Island. We also sell soft copies to those far away. To purchase, kindly reach us on call: +2348060699054 and on WhatsApp:

Is There Accommodation for NDU Post UTME Applicants

No. The NDU does not provide accommodation for Post UTME Applicants. In fact, you may not be allowed to enter inside campus without students ID during post UTME examination days. You are expected to get an accommodation outside school campus. We often provie students’ accommodation to applicants nights before their examination dates. We call our trusted and reliable students and hand you over to them to spend the night with them and pay them 1500 for the service. This is better than hotel lodge of 4,000 upward. For those who can afford hotel bills, we have accommodation for them too.

To apply for this service, reach our office at 08060699054

Is NDU Post UTME Screening Examinations Difficult?

The question of difficulty of the NDU Post UTME is a personal issue. It all depends on how well you prepare. For those who purchased and read our NDU Post UTME past questions and answers and our admission guide and may have attented our online post utme tutorials, their level of preparation makes the questions easier. But others may find some technicalities that sweeps them off their feet. So, whether the questions are easy or not is a personal issue. Depending on the applicant’s level of preparation.

Direction To the NDU Post UTME Venue

The direction to the NDU Post UTME examination centre, which is the NDU ICT centre is very easy. All you need to do is to go to the nearest park close to you. Ask for vehicles coming to Bayelsa state. Many the vehicles coming from outside Bayelsa stops at Tombia junction. If you are within Bayelsa, then get Yenagoa motor or any vehicle that will take you to Tobia junction.

While at Tombia junction, you will hear speakers and drivers calling Amassoma. Follow any of them. Cars cost N300 but N500 during the lockdown. Buses cost N200 but N400 in the lockdown while coaster buses cost N100 but N200 during the lockdown.

How Much Does it Cost to Get to NDU?

It will be hard to calculate the cost of coming to the NDU for everyone. To calculate, go to the next Park closest to you, ask how much to Bayelsa. They will drop you at Tombia junction. From tobia junction to NDU is an average of N300. Add this to the cost of getting to Bayelsa. This will give you the total cost of transportation for your post UTME. For those coming from Ughelli, the average transport fare before the coronavirus was N700 but later N1500 during the lockdown. From Port Harcourt to Bayelsa is an average of N1,000. Some part of Port Harcourt may charge higher. Transportation within the Wilberforce Island is usually bike fares of N50 and N100 – N150 to Newsite.

Minor Mistakes Post UTME Applicants/Admission Seekers Make

During Post UTME examinations, there are various mistakes applicants make unknowing to them that they are actually doing the wrong thing. Let us expose you to some of these minor mistakes. The following are some things you must NOT do:

  1. Late coming to Exam Venue
  2. Bringing phones to the examination hall
  3. Not submitting your answers before time off (Please, always submit before time off).
  4. Lamenting your Predicament on Social Media
  5. Not Following instructions
  6. Lacking Adequate Information
  7. Coming from a far distance on exam date. This always leads to lateness. Please, if you are coming from afar, come a day before your exam.

How Long Does It Take After Exams Before Results Are Released?

It took within a day to 4 days last Post UTME before results were released. I think this year will not be an exception.

How Long Does it Take to Start Admission After Post UTME?

After Post UTME examination, it takes an average of 2-3 Weeks before admission starts. However, the duration varies according to happenings in a particular session. Please, note that the admission last over a period of 5-7 months. So, if your name is not in first batch, it will surely come in subsequent batches.

How to understand NDU Post UTME timetable

To understand the timetable, you need to know which Faculty your course fall under. This is because you will not see all the courses in the timetable. All you will see most times are the Faculties. So, search for the list of courses in this platform, identify the Faculty your course falls under and come back to the timetable to identify your date.

Can I Take My Phone Inside The Examination Hall?

No. The NDU authority does not allow candidates 

Are Past Questions Repeated In The New Post UTME Examinations?

Yes. Many of our customers have attested to the fact that many questions they read in the past questions (up to 50%) were repeated. Meanwhile, others saw lower repetition and yet others none. Depends on how long wide you read. You will surely come across repeated questions.

What Can I Do To Increase My Chances Of Getting Admission?

There is no shortcut to success. Read wide, score high, follow the news, follow the trend, do everything you are instructed to do by the university and JAMB. You are good to go.

Is NDU A State Or Federal University?

The Niger Delta University is a fully state government funded university.

What Is The School Fees Structure For NDU?

The school fees structure of the NDU will be discussed in subsequent chapters. Please, visit the links below to check the fees out.

2019/2020 School Fees Schedule for Niger Delta University

A Breakdown Of The Niger Delta University 2019/2020 School Fees Level By Level

Factors Determining Niger Delta University School Fees

School Fees Payment: 10 Disadvantages of Late Payment

I Am Coming From Afar: How Can I Get Accommodation During NDU Post UTME?

Hotels are scarce in Amassoma. Amassoma currently have just two hotels. And the cheapest room per night is N3,000. However, we do arrange applicants to use students’ accommodation for just N1,500 per night. Contact 08060699054 if you want this arrangement. It is safe to use since we oversee it and arrange you with students who are under our tutelage. Male to male, female to female.

How Can I Upgrade My Jamb and Post UTME Result?

Upgrade of Jamb scores and Post UTME scores is a scam. It doesn’t really work. Many applicants who attempted it in the past have had reasons to cry as they were sent edited screenshots of their original results. The original score still remains the same in the JAMB profile. So, avoid result upgrade. It is mere scam.

If I Score Below 200 For Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Related Competitive Courses, Which Available Options Can I Change To?

Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc. are highly competitive courses. The amount of applicants vying for these courses are much higher than many other courses. Hence, only high scorers gets these courses. What if you scored very low, like below 200? This means getting these courses will now be very hard. You have to change your course to a related course. The courses that are available for you now are as follows (please, seek the advice of the admissions office for proper guidance before taking any action):

Faculty of Science

  1. Biological Sciences
  2. Geology
  3. Pure and Applied Chemistry (Chemistry)
  4. Microbiology
  5. Computer Science
  6. Mathematics Physics

Faculty of Agricultural Science

  1. Fisheries Production Technology
  2. Crop Production Technology
  3. Econs. & Rural Sociology
  4. Livestock Production Technology

Faculty of Engineering

  1. Agricultural & Environmental Engineering
  2. Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  5. Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Basic Medical Science

  1. Biochemistry

If I Score Below 200 For Law, Which Available Options Can I Change To?

Aside the courses listed above, Law is another competitive course in its own right. If you score very poorly, you will be given other related courses as indicated below:

  1. Political Science
  2. Sociology
  3. Philosophy
  4. Religious Studies
  5. History and Diplomacy
  6. Arts Education

Sample of NDU Post UTME Form



I want to believe you have read the chapter one of this material and surely, it was invaluable to you. This chapter two will also be invaluable as it handles all information you will need after the Post UTME Examinations. Remember that chapter one tackled all the information about Post UTME. Now, in chapter two, we shall look into the admissions properly. However, we shall start from immediately after the Post UTME. Exactly were we stopped in chapter one.

How Long Does it Take Before NDU Post UTME Results Are Released After Screening?

Over the years, Post UTME result release timing had varied. Initially, it was one week, later four days and now between 1-2 days. In the 2019/2020 Post UTME, the first set of applicants that wrote the examinations saw their results the next day. This means it took only one day for the NDU Post UTME results to be released. Nevertheless, there were other students whose results came out 3,4,5 days later while others took even more than a week.

In anycase, it is believed that as technology increases and more importantly, as NDU is favourably disposed to internet use, it is believed that Post UTME applicants MAY see their results immediately they completed their exams. Although there is no certainty, there is however, very high possibility.

Special Note I: The presence of coronavirus may affect many processes this year. 

How Long Does it Take After NDU Post UTME Examinations Before Admissions Are Granted?

The Niger Delta University does not have a published timeframe for granting admissions after Post UTME examinations. However, what we did was to follow previous occurrence in the NDU Admissions process. We did analysis of the duration between Post UTME examinations and first batch admissions for 2017/2018, 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 and the average duration is Two Weeks.

This is to say after your NDU Post UTME screening, it will take around two weeks before admissions will be released. Please, take note that this is a result from previous studies and this result has been used to speculate this current admission. This does not mean we are precise on the duration of when this year’s admissions will be granted. However, this result is meant to give you an idea, an insight into what may occur.

Special Note II: As a result of the ongoing loss of academic time, things may change 

How Many Batches of Admissions Does NDU Release?

The number of batches the NDU release in current admissions have become more erratic and haphazard in modern times. In the past, we were able to track the total number of batches from the first batch/merit list till the last. However, with change of administration and possibly changing Jamb policies, the admission batches have become difficult to track. Before now, six batches can be tracked. These are:

  1. Merit Admission List (also called first batch)
  2. First Supplementary Admission List (also called second batch)
  3. Second Supplementary Admission List Continued (also called third batch)
  4. Direct Entry Admission List (also called fourth batch)
  5. Third Supplementary Admission List Continued (also called fifth batch)
  6. Fourth Supplementary Admission List Continued (also called sixth batch)

The above information was lifted from the official website of the University in the 2016/2017 admissions. However, the admissions office no longer uploads admissions list as it claims fraudsters use such information to defraud students.

Currently, it is hard to track admission lists. It comes haphazardly and highly unpredicted. After the first merit list last year, we were unable to track the list nor able to name them as few names were released within a week. The number of lists released within short intervals became too plenty to track that we lost records. Nevertheless, what you must know is that admissions are released in batches and when your name is not among the first 3 lists, you should not panic.

How Long Does The NDU Admissions Last?

When many admissions seekers do not see their names in first batch, there is this fear that they have lost out. But it is never really like that. Admissions last for a minimum of 4 months to 6 months. Normally, admissions starts October and ends March. This is the pure admission circle timing and is especially true of the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 academic sessions.

However, with this coronavirus delays, the 2020/2021 admission timing may behave erratic in some ways. Speculatively, the 2020/2021 admissions may not start October again. It may either start November or December and this will affect our timing records. Also, in a bid to constrict time, the admissions office MAY reduce the admission circle timing by granting admissions in quicker succession and in bulk – all in a bid to close admissions in a better timeframe.

NDU Admission Secret

Do you know? You can actually get admission when you write to the Vice Chancellor. There is a provision to write a letter of concessional admissions to the Vice Chancellor. A concessional Admission Letter is one where an applicant or a sponsor appeal to the VC for a provisional admission.

Note that the merit lists are granted to cadidates who merit the admission. After the merit list, any other list are granted based on the VC’s discretion. This is where concessional admissions comes in. Your place as an applicant or a sponsor is to appeal to the VC that your ward needs admission in a field of study and where that field is not available, a related field of choice should be granted.

The Vice Chancellor, in his discretion goes through your acclaimed qualification and takes decision if your qualification can be considered or not. In recent past, many of our followers who read our publications and used this medium have been granted admissions.

Special Note III: A letter of concessional admission should be written after merit list is out

How Can I Know That I Have Been Granted Admissions In NDU

Many students often see their admissionsvery late. This is either because of lack of awareness or because after many times of checking, they decided to lose hope. But boom! Admissions was granted them later but they never checked again.

To know that you have been granted admissions, the NDU is likely to send you admissions sms via the phone number you used to register for Post UTME. It is also possible to receive email notification even though it is rare. The NDU admissions message notification usually congratulate you of your admission and directs you on the next course of action to take.

This is where our job as clearance agents comes in. The NDU admonishes applicants to deal with only trusted and experience cafes. The NDU advises you to do so possibly for the following reasons:

  1. Fraud: The cases of online fraudulence are increasing daily. From school fees to other fees processing, fraudulent café attendants may print fake receipts for you and you will never know that you are being given fake receipts. So, why not patronize known names and entities to avoid issues?
  2. Errors: The school management may have advised you to use the services of only experienced café entities because of possible errors. The relevant ICT offices are laden with responsibilities of error correction and this stresses the staff most times. Using the services of experienced café owners also saves you from the stress of ICT troubles where you may pass through several hurdles to get your details corrected.
  3. Exorbitant Charges: Human is known for greed. Some café owners will want to build mansion on top of one work, thereby charging you exorbitantly. Patronizing established cafes around the school environment saves you of many stress. Sometimes, as a newbie, you may not even know you are being extorted. You will later know when your colleagues who goes to a dependable place tells you the amount they paid. People who do not follow our lead always have one or two reasons to regret.
  4. Inexperience: So many café owners especially those outside the University community do not know/are not familiar with many of the University’s websites and how they are used. They just add to your troubles. They also increase the amount of money you will spend because they will collect their charges from you and when you come to school here, cafes here are bound to charge you again from beginning. So, please, use the services of only experienced cafes.
  5. Deception: Freshers are very naïve. They most times take everything they are told. Some of our customers had paid none existent fees before they met us. Some paid indigenship fees, admission fees, matriculation fees (before the 2019/2020 session, there was nothing like matriculation fees. It was introduced in the 2019/2020 session admission), etc. However, if you deal with trusted cafes, you are sure of being charged standard amount required by school without deception even though you don’t know. So, is it not better to deal with a trusted café?

There are so many other reasons why you must deal with trusted cafes but we can only mention these now.

Special Note IV: Dealing with us for all your café needs solves all the challenges mentioned above: Our head office is located at No. 1 NDU Road, Beside Main Campus Gate, Wilberforce Island (Amassoma), Bayelsa State. To call us, dial 08060699054 or 08050706635. Once you have received admissions notification, the remaining responsibility to see you properly registered is ours.

Jamb Admission

The first place you will know you have been admitted is in Jamb Portal. In subsequent pages, you will see how the admission circle works. Jamb will be the first to upload your name online ( this however, does not mean it is Jamb that is giving you the admission. It was the NDU stat actually sends your name to Jamb). So, immediately you start hearing of admission news, the first place to check is your Jamb profile. If your name is not in Jamb profile, it is 99% sure that when NDU release its new batch, your name will not be there. It is in very rare cases you will see that a name haven’t appeared in Jamb portal but appeared in NDU portal.

NDU Admission

The second place you will know you have been granted admission is in NDU portal. While Jamb rarely sends admission notification, NDU actually send text messages to newly admitted applicants. By then, you must have previously seen your name in Jamb portal. At this stage, you cannot go on to do your clearance until management gives a date to do so. However, those who will be granted admissions after clearance have started can immediately go ahead with their clearance.

NDU 100 Level Clearance

When students/applicants use the word clearance in NDU, they may use it to mean either online clearance or physical clearance. However, the truth is there is only one clearance and that is the online clearance. What students and applicants refer to as physical clearance is actually known as verification.

NDU 100 Level Online Clearance

Immediately after being granted admission, the next thing you will do is to go to an EXPERIENCED CAFÉ CENTRE and do your online clearance. This involves paying the café owner your acceptance fees and all other accumulated charges. Don’t worry. In due course, you will see the list and total cost of your NDU online clearance. Online clearance involves:

  1. Creation of your NDU online profile
  2. Payment of your N40,000 acceptance fees
  3. Processing of your clearance (entering your credentials in text)
  4. Payment of 1,560 document upload fees
  5. Entering of your o’level results in text format (if you used a different and result in Post UTME, you can use the correct one here. This corrects anything previously done wrongly about o’level).
  6. Completion of the online clearance
  7. Printing of acceptance letter
  8. Uploading of documents: 1). O’level, 2). LGA, 3). Age declaration OR birth certificate, 4). First attestation letter, 5). Second attestation letter, 6). Statutory declaration form and for Direct Entry students, 7). A’level certificate.

On completion of your online clearance, you should have the following documents:

  1. The acceptance fee receipt of N40,000 (Used for faculty file opening)
  2. The Acceptance letter (Used for faculty file opening)
  3. LGA (Used for faculty file opening)
  4. Age declaration or birth certificate (Used for faculty file opening)
  5. Two attestation letters
  6. Statutory declaration form
  7. A’level certificate for for Direct Entry students
  8. Jamb admission letter
  9. Jamb original result
  10. WAEC or NECO scratch card for verification of your result.

Once you have these documents, then you are set for the NDU verification at your department.

Total Cost of NDU Online clearance

How Much Is The Total Cost of NDU Online clearance?

The Total Cost of NDU online clearance is N81,000. This fee is divided into two segments, N57,500 for online clearance consisting of acceptance fee and N23,500 for accummulated charges.

The N56,000 includes:

  1. Acceptance fee N40,000
  2. Acceptance fee processing N2,000
  3. Document upload fee N2,000
  4. Jamb admission letter N2,000
  5. Jamb original result N2,000
  6. 2 attestation letters N500
  7. Statutory declaration form signed in court N1,500
  8. NDU admission letter N500
  9. General processing fee N2,000
  10. WAEC/NECO scratch card N2,500
  11. Clearance certificate N2,500
  12. Total: N57,500

However, the N23,500 includes:

  1. School fees processing charge: N2,000
  2. Students’ biodata form processing N2,000
  3. Course enrolment N4,000
  4. Students’ skill acquisition N7,500
  5. Medicals/xray N8,000
  6. Total: N23,500

NDU Verification

What is NDU Physical Verification?

The NDU verification, popularly referred to as physical clearance or physical verification is a process whereby newly admitted students takes all their documents that emanated from their online clearance to their various Departments for presentation and sightseeing. Presentation and sightseeing here means that you will tender all your original documents (although WAEC/NECO can be online printout if the original certificate is not available) to your department verification official. They will go through them and compare with what they have in their system (all your documents you uploaded online is with them already and they are expected to check for compliance, authenticity and correctness of information and documents uploaded with those presented physically).

If the verifcation officer is satisfied with your documents, he/she will clear you online and also stamp on your o’level result, indicating that he has checked WAEC/NECO website and that your result is reflected. As part of the process of clearing you at the department, the verification officer will open up your profile online to enable you print you clearance acknowledgement slip. Note that without departmental physical verification, your clearance acknowledgement slip will not work. Hence, the officer, during the verification unlock your clearance acknowledgement slip profile to enable you print it out.

There are however, some instances where you may not be able to print your clearance acknowledgement slip even after verification. In such instance, you will have to revisit the officer that verified you that you have done your clearance but you are unable to print your clearance acknowledgement slip. Maybe after your clicking and verifying, it may be possible that network could not load properly and the click was not registered by the portal or some other possibilities. Then the verification officer will redo it to ensure you are able to print your clearance acknowledgement slip.

NDU Clearance Acknowledgement Slip Printing

How do I Print My NDU Clearance Acknowledgement Slip?

After a successful verification exercise, students are required to print their clearance acknowledgement slip to confirm that they have successfully completed their verification. Please note that without printing your clearance acknowledgement slip, you cannot pay your school fees. These and many more are the technicalities why the school management emphasizes on processing your work in an experience café.

NDU Biodata Form

How Do I Process My NDU Biodata Form?

Immediately after printing clearance acknowledgement slip, the next course of acton is the processing of the biodata. The school fees too is tied to the biodata. So you must process it first. Students’ biodata cost N2,000.

NDU School Fees Payment

How Do I Pay NDU School Fees?

After printing your clearance acknowledgement slip, the next step is payment of your school fees. Normally, the café may charge you all your fees, so, immediately after your verification, you walk straight back to them and pay your fees. See related links to ascertain how much is your school fees.

NDU Course Enrolment

How Do I Process My NDU Course Enrolment?

Course enrolment, also referred to as course registration is the process of stating and listing the number of courses you are offering in a particular level. Course enrollment is done once in a session. You register both first and second semester courses the same time with same courses. Courses enrolment for 100 level students costs N4,000 while returning students cost N2,000

NDU Skill Acquisition Processing

How Do I Process My NDU Skill Acquisition?

It is a very fine move that a University in Nigeria has beamed its searchlight on the need for students to actually get skills while bagging their degrees. This is indeed a welcome development. The NDU skill acquisition programme can be registered in the relevantNDU portals. The total cost is N7,500 as indicated in the list above.

NDU Medicals/Xray

How Do I Process My NDU Medicals/Xray?

The NDU medicals/xray receipt is processed at the relevant NDU portals and the receipt is taken to the medical sickbay. There, students are also expected to register online with regenix. This may cost another N1,000

NDU Faculty File Opening

How Do I Open NDU Faculty File?

Opening your file with NDU is one thing that identify you as a bonafide student of the NDU. A student who is yet to open file is not yet recognized by the school authority even though he has paid all fees and charges including school fees. Therefore, such students will not have matriculation number, nor academic records.

To open faculty file with NDU, students who are done with their online clearance, verification and fees payments are expected to make 4 photocopies of the following documents and go to the Faculty for file opening.

  1. Six passport sized photograph
  2. Pay n1,000 for department brochure and quantitative manual to your department account
  3. Teller of n2,000 for prospectus, magazine, etc.
  4. Online course registration form
  5. Medical report
  6. Local government area identification letter
  7. Birth certificate/age declaration
  8. Letter of attestation x (2)
  9. School fees receipt
  10. Verified o’level result
  11. Statutory declaration
  12. Student’s personal data form
  13. Certificate of clearance
  14. Acceptance form
  15. Letter of provisional admission
  16. Application form
  17. Jamb admission letter
  18. Jamb result

NDU Post UTME Admission Clearance Verification and Registration

All You Need to Know About NDU Post UTME, Admission, Clearance, Verification and Registration