The Niger Delta University graduate clearance is now started and completed 95% online with just a little 5% offline involvements. This offline involvement is merely as a result of possible uncleared debt, else, the whole process would have been purely online. If however, you are totally free from any indebtedness to the NDU, then be rest assured of a 100% online clearance without consulting any office to be cleared offline.

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The NDU graduate online clearance comes in stages known as UNITS online and after you are done with the online processing of your clearance, your clearance dashboard will spell out six (6) Units – all displaying PENDING.

The pending indicated in the dashboard shows that those units has not been approved by the officer in charge.
Initially after your online processing, only unit 1 will appear as pending. Unit 2 through six sometimes ONLY appears when unit 1 has been approved, else otherwise.

But why is your dashboard showing pending weeks or even months after you must have completed the online processing? Well, many reasons may be responsible for your NDU online graduate clearance to be showing pending.

In this article, I shall be chronicling all the stages and the possibilities for the pending. Note however, that your dashboard displaying pending does not actually mean any error. What is there is that you have not been cleared and that you MAY need to visit the relevant office to know why you have not been cleared.

NDU Graduate Clearance: HOD (Unit 1):

The first unit of the NDU graduate clearance which displays pending upon completion of the online graduate clearance processing belongs to the office of the Head of Department. This place is supposed be cleared immediately after processing. But oftentimes, graduates complain that their HOD stage delayed, hence they have to visit the office of the HOD to sort things out.

Some allegedly paid from N2,000 to N3,000 before they were able to clear in unit 1 which belongs to te HOD. Although the school claims that after the N26,500 and N3,150 paid online, there is no other charges, but some officers in some units still collects some forms of charges. In some instances, graduates alleged to have paid a fee voluntarily, but others were requested to do so.

We have investigated various offices and came out with the knowledge that some units voluntarily delays the clearance process to bring the graduates back to their offices as the online platform blinds them from seeing the graduates – from where they can do their normal collection.

An officer also advised that if students are patient enough, they will be cleared, that the haste of getting cleared on time also makes some of the staff charge unapproved fees.

So, if your unit 1 in the NDU graduate clearance is pending, kindly visit your HOD to be cleared. Please, note that you are not under any obligation to make any payment unless, in your own understanding, you are owing an APPROVED fee.

NDU Graduate Clearance: Dean

The office of the Dean could also make your NDU graduate clearance pending if you are owing some sort of fees.

Recall it was said above in this publication that all possible fees have been embedded in the clearance fee but some offices still generates their own charges. So, if you experience any delays, you may want to visit your Dean if you have any issue there.

NDU Graduate Clearance: Library (Unit 2)

Normally, students are expected to pay for their library cards and to update it yearly. So, if you failed to update it yearly, during your graduate clearance, the accumulated fee may be waiting for you online.

It was also alleged that all these fees have been added to the online payment, that officers are just charging these fees for office purposes. We are still verifying this claim and if correct, a petition to the office of the VC may be inevitable to ensure the process is swift and seamless as the VC intended it to be.

So, if your NDU graduate clearance unit 2 is displaying error that you are owing a fee, kindly take N2,500 to the new library in main campus and ask the front desk officers that you want to pay for your graduate clearance. They will direct you to the office inside handling graduate clearance duties.

NDU Graduate Clearance: Security (Unit 3)

The security is the third unit to clear graduate in the NDU graduate online clearance process. We haven’t actually gotten any delay or fees payment from the security office.

Although we had few delays at a point but such delays are often greeted with assurance upon inquiries that all graduates who must have completed their online clearance will be cleared – and truly, they have always been cleared with further advise not to bother to visit the office.

NDU Graduate Clearance: Bursary (Unit 4)

Like the security office, the bursary is one of the places where you may not have to worry about any additional fees. What may however, make your NDU graduate clearance to delay is the possibility that the officer in charge is unable to verify your receipt numbers submitted online.

Consequently, you may need to take all your receipts submitted online to the bursary office for physical verification.

The documents to take includes 1. Matriculation receipt (for Part Time, this is contained in their 100 level receipt), 2. Acceptance receipt (Many students have their acceptance fees joined to their 100 level receipt. So, if you do not have acceptance receipt with you, check the no. 1 item in your 100 level receipt if it is there. If yes, issue that receipt no. as your acceptance receipt no.), 3. Year one to final year receipt, 4. Alumni receipt, 5. Convocation receipt, and 6. Possibly admission letter.

The bursary officer will cross-check your documents and if satisfied, will clear you immediately without paying any fees. (Note that if you give tips from your conscience, it is different from fees forcefully paid).

NDU Graduate Clearance: Exams and Records (Unit 6)

The exams and records office is also one of the offices where graduates seldon pays any charges for their graduate clearance. If your unit 6 is pending, kindly visit the exams and records office for clearance.

Sometimes, any unit above can delay depending on the staff mode of work. Some staff are more computer oriented than others. Some are fast while others are slow as a duck. Whatever side of the coin you find yourself, I believe the above information will guide you through.

If however, you are far away and needed someone to help you track your NDU graduate clearance, visiting all the relevant offices to ensure you are cleared, then with a charge of N2,000, you call us on +2348060609054 or +2348050706635. We are here in main campus to help you get through with any hitches in your NDU graduate clearance.

You can also visit our office at:

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Main Campus Gate,
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