Throughout the weekend, the Amassoma floodwater has been on the decrease with some level of increment due to rainfall.

Desclin Bar

However, in all, there is currently 2.5inches measured decrease in the floodwater level from its current peak.

The reduction has not resulted in anything good as the level could not allow anyone to return to their homestead.

The current level is still high, residents are still outside their homes with businesses operating along the roadside
While from Endipele through government secondary school have been overwhelmed, from Jehovah’s witness through Tantua was demarcated in three places. The first demarcation is at the the Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom hall in Oweidi-ama compound. This place is popularly known for its low-level along this CHS road. It is probably one of the first part of the road to be flooded.

This time around, it is deeper than previous levels as bikes would rarely want to go that way. Bike fare through to Tantua now may cost you up to N200 and above – and that is if you see anyone going there. Although there are some bikemen who would still go for as low as N100.

The next place is Tantua hospital area. This section is however, not as deep as the Oweidi-ama section. Lastly, the CHS front also started another demarcation through the small bridge right through the Nursing Faculty area. From thence frontward, the road is dry but with pothole water.

Amassoma is calm now – everyone have adjusted to the circumstance. With sun shining more than rainfall, the town is somehow lively – as if there is no flood.

Maybe the water has reached its height, maybe… a little more.

Whatever the case, we are still watching. Hoping that the water will respond quickly and recede despite its average reduction time of mid-November.

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