The Bayelsa State governor, Sen. Douye Diri has sympathized with flood victims in Amassoma, describing the incidence as displacing indigenes in their own communities.

The governor who expressed displeasure over the current flood situation said that “this thing happens to all of us every year. About 80% of Bayelsa under water virtually every year. 2012 was worse, this year is almost getting to 2012. So we want to see how we will be able to proffer solutions. But first of all, let us see how we can sympathize with our brothers and sisters who are no longer living a good life” the governor added.

The governor who was spotted giving out cash to several persons including a rice seller, fish seller and an old woman added that “you have become internally displaced persons in your own communities. Some of you are no longer having a good sleep again. This is the time we have snakes in the house. So be very careful, we don’t want to lose one person to this flood. I was just told that there was a woman who died because of snake bite”.

“So, we came to advise you that as a government, we are going to take this up even with the federal government. They will come in to our aid for the assistance of our communities and our State”.

“As we go back, we will also make some provisions to bring some parlliatives to you and all the other communities that have been affected by the flood”.

“So we came to empathize with our brothers and sisters, we cannot sit down in government house when our people are suffering. Please, let us conduct ourselves in a way that we do not lose a life to this flood. We will study this flood to ensure we take actions that it will not affect Bayelsa state again.

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