The sedimentological analysis of the bedload sediment in River Nun (Amassoma, Ebeni and Ogobiri) was carried out to determine the variation in the size distribution pattern, sediment maturity and mode of transportation. In an attempt to achieve the above result, some analysis was carried out on sample collection at 7 locations in Amassoma, 8 each from Ebeni and Ogobiri along River Nun where histograms and cumulative curves were plotted.The average mean size of 1.52Φ, 1.31Φ and 1.23Φ in River Nun (Amassoma, Ebeni and Ogobiri) indicates that sediments are medium sand. This implies that sediment is deposited in low energy environment. The average sorting value of 1.18Φ, 1.05Φ and 1.07Φ in River Nun (Amassoma, Ebeni and Ogobiri) indicates poorly sorted means they are not effectively deposited. The average Skewness value of -0.56Φ, -0.38Φ and -0.24Φ in River Nun (Amassoma, Ebeni and Ogobiri) indicates very negatively skewed means not smoothed. The average kurtosis value of 1.28Φ, 1.32Φ and 1.37Φ in River Nun (Amassoma, Ebeni and Ogobiri) implies Leptokurtic means predominantly consist of finer fraction. The mode of transportation of the Bulk sample analyzed in River Nun around Amassoma, Ebeni and Ogobiri indicates suspension saltation.

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