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  • NDU is not flooded/affected by water.
  • You can get to Amassoma without passing through water. There is vehicular road from Tombia junction to Amassoma, hence, do not be afraid of taking speed boat.
  • School has been developed with withstand the flood through elevation of relevant sessions previously affected and construction of good drainage.

Many stakeholders who have engagements in Amassoma for the first time often ask if the community especially the Niger Delta University, NDU is usually flooded; most of whom are applicants, parents, sponsors, guardians, visitors amongst many others.

It seems there is an overstatement as to what is obtainable here in Amassoma, hence we made this publication to clarify the state of affairs in the community.

Although Amassoma is one of the flood affected communities in Bayelsa State, it is however, not as portrayed outside as many would be applicants/students avoid coming to the University because of fear of flood. Please note that the Niger Delta University is NOT flooded.

Make More Inquiries About NDU Admissions: Call +2348060699054

There is however, a section of the University that is flooded with water which include the security, EFT, Admissions and library buildings. But this small section of the University being affected by flood does not in anyway affect the University operations as the buildings affected are still accessible at the peak of the flood.

To counter the effect of the flood, the Vice Chancellor, having the needed foresight, had elevated all the roads and buildings affected by the flood. Hence, it is expected that no part of the University would be flooded this year.

NDU: Flood Prone Library-Main Gate Road Set For Face Lift

The only challenge is that student’s apartments in the town may be flooded and this may affect their learning – something that may necessitate the management to suspend academic activities like in previous sessions (2012, 2018 and 2019 academic session).

It is expected that in this session, NDU will be totally flood free, although, there may be flood in the town.

NDU Post UTME Examination Now November

Again, NDU/Amassoma is also accessible by road from Tobia junction till inside the town and even all through Niger Delta University

To set the records straight, the areas being affected by flood in Amassoma only starts from October through November (two months only) and by November ending, the water have subsided.

For now, (September 28th), the main flood haven’t shown its ugly face. Still observing to see the extent it will get to.
So, if you are a jambite or a parent, guardian, first time visitor, etc., be rest assured that the school community is open for access anytime, anyday.

Years of Flood

In recent years, it was 2012 that flood started. From 2012 till date, the flood has been on and off. Below is the yearly behaviour of the flood in Amassoma:

2012: Flooded

Flood Battles in Nigeria: A Battle for Supremacy; 2012 and 2018 in Perspective

2013: No flood

2014: No flood

2015: No flood

2016: No flood

2017: No flood

2018: Flooded

2019: Flood

Reports on Amassoma 2019 Flood

2020: Still under observation…

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