The metabolite (Oxalate Saponin and Tannin) level in selected fishes (Nile Tilapia, Mormyorps Delicious, Synodontis Budgetti and Clarias Pinus) from Amassoma River in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area Bayelsa State were determined by following method (Munron & Basir 1969 and Analytical Sciences June 2009, Vol. 25, (Pg 754) .The metabolite level (mg/100ml) in fishes from Amassoma River recorded Oxalate level in Tilapia 3.16±0.01, Saponin level in Mormyorps Delicious 6.42±0.0, Tannin level in Synodontis Budgett 55.51±0.01 and Tannin level in Clarias garie pinus 41.60±0.01. The result depicted substantial variation in concentration of the respective metabolite. From The table of the sampled metabolite, the four selected species of fish samples included in this study or research show substantial differences in metabolite concentration in the profile. Nile Tilapia, Mormyorps Delicious, Synodonttis Budgettis and (Cat fish) Claries gariepinus these are the selected fishes in the profile. From observation metabolite content varies from one selected fish to the other. This might suggest that the content of metabolite in the four (4) fishes differ from one fish to another. There is a notable difference in two group which is the Synodonttis Budgetti/Clarias garie pinus they have high metabolite (tannin) compare to Nile tilapia/Mormyorps Delicious which has low metabolite (Oxalate and Saponin). Metabolite increased in the fellow other Synodonttis Budgetti > Clarias garie pinu > Mormyorps > Nile Tilapia. Observation could be their morphology, the ones without scale turns to have low level of metabolite than the once with scale.


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