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1.1   Background to the Study

In order to live in an ideal society man has often devised means, theories that will guide society. Every theory in history was due to the situation at a given period of time. From ancient to modern period questions have been raised by philosophers as to what is the ideal society for human beings? What prompted the formation of a civil society and a civil rule for government to guide society? A society without laws or a government is like that of Hobhesian state of nature or a society where might is right where everybody will be judge of himself or deeds. In order to avoid this chaos in the society was what prompted to the formation of a civil society which led to the establishment of a civil` rule or government.

It was in this vain that also prompted Locke to write on society. Locke lived in a period of great social unrest; he devised his theory as to the proper functioning of government in the society. The glorious Revolution of 1685 in England which centered around the relevance of absolute monarchy and the need to limit the power of the monarchy against the growing assertiveness of the of the parliament was what brought about Locke’s Two Treaties of Government, it was a remedy of the Glorious Revolution which espoused liberalism constitutionalism appealing to reason. Locke’s theory which combined constitutionalism, stability, freedom, consent properly and tolerance has played a crucial role in an orderly development of Western democracies.


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