The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Samuel Gowon Edoumkumor has urged members of the public to disregard the ongoing rumour that the Niger Delta University will resume 22nd September, 2020.

He made this known in his 2nd radio talkshow today 21st September, 2020 on NDU Radio, 98.1 FM which held 11:00am prompt.

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  • Hopes on Resumption
  • Reason for the current electricity blackout?
  • Post UTME Examination Date
  • NDDC Inspection Team Visit to Establish A Pilot Rice Farm in NDU
  • Admission Capacity
  • Funding University Projects
  • The PRO on Information Management
  • Status of School Fees Portal


  • Resumption circular from mischief makers
  • Resumption information to be share from NDU radio, University’s websites and VC’s personal account
  • NUC is our regulator; immediately their circular comes that we should re-open
  • 2019/2020 academic session would have ended in August
  • NDU Post UTME examinations likely to hold November
  • NDDC to establish a pilot rice farm in NDU
  • Admission Capacity now up to 7,600 from 3,500
  • Projects funded by personal efforts, management and Tetfund, not allocation
  • Only 5,500 students paid school fees out of 20,000 students
  • If you need anything, just write to Niger Delta University to give you the solution’.
  • We don’t have more than 5,500 students out of 20,000 students paying fees.
  • Pay up your school fees now because when we come back we will close the portal

The VC who was accompanied by the University Public Relations Officer, Mr. Idoni Ingezi thanked the university staff for being committed to the university course despite the Covid-19 restrictions.

NDU PRO Mr. Idoni Ingezi

Responding to the ongoing resumption date being spread online, the VC noted that ‘I just saw that circular. It is all these mischief makers. People should know that anytime we are resuming, you will hear from NDU Radio and you will also hear from our platforms and not these ones that are going on’.

‘You will get it from my own Facebook account, you will get it from our own University website. So anything from any other place is in error. You can see they wrote the the Pro-Chancellor’s name there and underneath it they wrote Vice Chancellor. It means the Vice Chancellor has been removed and the Pro-Chancellor is now the Vice Chancellor, so it is very laughable. Please ignore all that’ the VC added.

Hopes on Resumption?

‘You know we are having regulations and the National Universities Commission is our regulator. So we are waiting for their circular. Immediately their circular comes that we should re-open, we will re-open. For now, we have not gotten that from them but we are prepared’.

The VC while responding to Flourish who called in from Ogobiri to ask when school will resume lamented that ‘it is unfortunate that this Covid came. This 2019/2020 academic session would have ended in August that just past’.
While responding to other callers on resumption, the VC quickly cuts in ‘tell them to go and pay their school fees and do their registration’. He added that ‘the university resumption will be dependent on NUC’s approval’.
What is the reason for the current electricity blackout?

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‘We spent millions in ensuring that we get steady power supply and ten communities are beneficiaries to this project. But what happened there was that there are three communities along the way that are having issues with the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, that is the reason. But I have gotten in contact with the king and the electricity service providers’.

‘Apart from that, our line was taken from Yenagoa, Bayelsa State to Ahoada and they posted a new person here and he had issues handling the whole thing. And as we speak, the line has been brought back to Yenagoa, so Yenagoa will be controlling it. We will not have much problems anymore. Hopefully this same week, we are going to resolve that and we will go back to our steady power supply’.

Post UTME Examination Date

Michael who called in from Main Campus Gate asked if the VC can give a hint to the general public on the Post UTME date as most of the candidates who are far away from the university community are usually frustrated and misguided. The VC responded that as a result of the ongoing examinations, it will be difficult for the Post UTME to hold now. He noted that “as of today, they have started writing NABTEB and there is still NECO. We want all out students to finish these examinations so the Post UTME examinations will likely be by November. That is going to be in November, and we are also looking at the trend of the Covid issue. Since the curve is flattening now, that is even giving us the impetus to consider that in November’.

On NDDC Inspection Team Visit to Establish A Pilot Rice Farm in NDU

The VC noted that ‘I is very happy that the NDDC came with a very large team and they have assured us that we want to kick start it. We have told them that we have lands. If they even need 1000 hectares of land, we shall give them. I will want our students to participate. As soon as our students resume, they will even own their farms. Let the students also produce their rice bags for us. Let us have rice in Bayelsa State.

Admission Capacity

In his bid to prove the growing massive capacity of the Niger Delta University, The VC stated that the NDU now admit a total of 7,600 admission applicants. The VC compared this to the previous capacity of mere 3,000+. The VC who pride himself in his wealth of experience and expertise in academic administration noted that he took over the reigns of the university administration and improved on the capacity of the University. He also claimed to pursue the development of the Ijaw man through academics as he laments the absence of the Ijaw man in national issues.

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The VC asserted that the Niger Delta University has graduated thousands of students as manpower for the Niger Delta region and called on all stakeholders to rally round the university for support. This is to ensure that as resources and responsibilities increases, we have the needed manpower to handle the needs of the Niger Delta and beyond. The VC frowns at instances where the university equipment were being stolen and cited a recent case where 25 pillar rods were stolen.

Funding University Projects

On how the VC was able to fund projects despite dwindling fortunes from the government, Sammy stated that as a Vice Chancellor, ‘I go out of the University community to woo investors’. He also cited Tertiary Education Trust Fund which also helped the University. The VC lamented that ‘what we see in the University is not as a result of the allocation but efforts of the VC, management and the Needs Assessment Projects’.

The VC noted that ‘the plan is to ensure that the pattern of building will see to it that every Faculty have their own facilities’. He downplayed on facilities sharing which limits the university’s intakes. He cited Social Science Faculty, Agriculture Faculty and the Faculty of Education. The VC noted that ‘Faculty of Education has colonized the whole of Main Campus. The former VC’s office is now the Dean of Education’s office, so the facilities there will be used for Education only’.

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What we are doing here the VC added, is what other universities are copying. The VC also tackled NDDC for what he perceived as promise and fail on the part of NDDC officials who come, makes promise and never to be seen again. The VC cited facilities from UNIPORT and DELSU sponsored by NDDC only for NDU to host an NDDC abandoned project since 2004. The VC also decried the fact that there is no single kilometer of road sponsored by NDDC in the University.

The VC also informed the general public on the products NDU now produce when he mentioned ‘NDU water, NDU bread, NDU eggs, NDU garri and we are trying to go into abattoir. So that all these tires they use to burn meat, you don’t know the source of water, etc. is not acceptable. So, I want to Niger Delta University to be the solution giver to Bayelsa State and the Ijaw nation. So if you need anything, just write to Niger Delta University to give you the solution’.

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Timi who called in from Amassoma asked that the amnesty VC gave to students in the past session, why was it not extended to the current sessino since it will help alot of students. The VC replied that ‘there is nothing like amnesty, they are just using the word. Let them go and check the dictionary to know the meaning of amnesty. We really took the decision and implemented it. And it cannot be for all’.

The PRO on Information Management

On managing information that comes out of the University, the PRO, Mr. Idoni Ingezi appealed to the members of the public to note that the NDU bulletin is released from his office, therefore, all should always confirm from his office when not sure of an information. On the current fake 22nd September resumption date, the PRO noted that he was swift to wade in to advise students disregard all such fake information. Recall that we had earlier received confirmation from the office of the PRO that the 22nd resumption date does not emanate from the University.

On School Fees Portal

Responding to a message from Rivers State, the VC appealed to all students to ‘pay up their school fees now because when we come back we will close it and nobody should complain, because they were crying and we reopened the portal from that time till this moment, from Frebruary till now. We don’t have more than 5,500 students out of 20,000 students who had paid school fees. So we have seen that it is deliberate and we have to take our stand and correct our records. So as soon as we come back we will close the portal.

The VC concluded by thanking NDU staff for their resilience, promising that whatever he says will be the truth, open, transparent, and urged all to have confidence in him. He promised a corruption free administration as he calls on all to build the University together with him.


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