1.1   Background of the Study

The modern African has, since her pre-independence days, been battling to set herself free from the clutches of his white master. Freedom is something that is very dear to all people of the world and when it tends to be elusive, they go all out to clear any obstacle on their way to actualizing it.

When a race is entangled in social, cultural or political uncertainties, the race acts and struggles for freedom. The black African quest for freedom arose as their political, economic, cultural and psychological freedoms were being eroded but their pre-independence master, i.e. they were being colonized.

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Colonialism is an all encompassing attack on the political, legal, cultural, economic and social realms of African existence, leading to a massive and decisive takeover of the African space. The primordial effect of this takeover was the destruction of the African identity, that is, to destroy what makes Africans truly Africans and to make the Africans slaves in the mental and physical realm of their lives. This has certainly led to the African loss of identity and present day identity crisis on the African continent.

Leopold Sedar Senghor is one of the many African scholars who had discussed the wholesome effect of the west dominance over Africa, through his philosophy of negritude. It is to examine Leopold Sedar Senghor’s interpretation of the colonial situation through his philosophy of negritude that led us to carry out this research topic, and so, in doing this the project will be calibrated into four robust chapters1.

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