Civil Society Organization (CSOs) is truly an international idea, its root can be found in both liberal and Marxian tradition. Hence Gramsci’s emphasized on the role of social institutions in either sustaining or deteriorating our democratic values in the state. In the light of these, the inability of social institution as in Civil Society Organization to educate the populace about democratic values can be seen as a defeat to democratic tenets. In advance society and virile democracies these institution i.e CSOs provide a formal learning process such voting procedures which in turn help to sharpen their political culture. The study focuses on Civil Society Organization (CSOs) and the challenges of voter education in Bayelsa state. The research work has, identifying the challenges confronting CSOs in voter education in Bayelsa state as its major objective. The research work sourced data from both primary and secondary data, and explore the political culture paradigm of Gabriel Almond as its theoretical framework. The hypothesis that guides the research work was that, low level of citizen’s consciousness tends to undermine the role of voter education. The research work also discusses the concept of Civil Society Organization and voter education and how the both variable connect. All these were targeted at achieving the objective of the research. The research findings reveals that, inadequate finance is one of the reasons confronting CSOs in their bid to educate voter, the study also finds out that, the hostile environment posed by the government is not favorable to CSOs. Also is the issue of politicization of the system which has been a major challenge facing CSOs in Bayelsa state. Thus the researcher concluded based on its finding that; there is a ‘Prima Facie evidence’ that CSOs have not done well in educating the citizens in Bayelsa state on the culture of democracy. Finally the research work made its recommendations which are that there is every need for CSOs to be holistic in their approach in terms of voter education programs. Also there is an urgent need for CSOs to delink their selves from government patronage in terms of funds and finally if CSOs are to arouse the consciousness of the citizens they should fine-tune their method of advocacy such that their messages would be well received by the targeted low conscious citizens and the political elite across the length and breathe of the state.

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