This research project is on Impact of Student’s Industrial Training Scheme on Business Education Students. All students in the Department of Vocational and Industrial Education (Business Education Option) were used for the research. A total of three hundred and nineteen (319) population with one hundred and ninety one (191) sample size was used to researched the study. The researcher then used the instrumentation of the questionnaire to get responses from the respondents by administering the questionnaire to them. Same was collected after two weeks; the result was then collated, analyzed and interpreted thus: that industrial training has made positive impact on business education students which includes exposure of Business Education students to practical knowledge, it enhances the skill acquisition and development of business education students, it exposes Business Education students to work method and techniques in handling equipment and machinery, it provides an opportunity for Business Education students to apply room knowledge to real work situation, it also prepares students for vocational counseling. Finally, recommendations were made which includes amongst others that a deliberate attempt should be made to create space for industrial training students, the government should as a matter of urgency establish a legislation to protect participant of the scheme, the government should also make deliberate attempt to increase funding of Industrial Training Fund (ITF) to enhance smooth running of the scheme, planners of education should also endeavor to incorporate motivational variables for participants of industrial training.

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