This research work is geared towards examining the developmental roles of NDDC as regards the execution of electrical projects in Bayelsa state. Thus, it is worthy to note that there is poverty and technological backwardness in the Niger Delta Region. The oil produced in the region contributes to the nation’s wealth but yet the region still undergoes some level of underdevelopment at both the urban and rural areas. Several developmental commissions were set up but none reach its mandate. The failure of the oil mineral producing areas development commission (OMPADEC) ushered in NDDC which is the present government initiative in the Niger Delta region. The research work has, identifying the challenges confronting NDDC on the development of Bayelsa state as its major objective. The investigation sourced data from both primary and secondary data and it explores the structural functionalism of Emile Durkheim as its theoretical framework. The hypothesis that guides this research was that, corruption or mismanagement of funds by NDDC staffs is a responsible for the non-execution of electrical projects in Bayelsa state. The study deliberately intends to carefully survey electrical projects carried out by NDDC in Bayelsa State in other to rate the developmental performance of the commission. The finding of this research shows that the commission has not been effective in the study area and that there are limited electrical project in communities under study. The study concludes that the commission is yet to bring about development in terms of electrification. In addition the study recommends that electrical projects should be awarded to contractors on the basis that they are qualified and familiar with the terrain of the communities which will go a long way in preventing the issue of abandoned or substandard projects.


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