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1.1   Background to the Study

Teaching is one of the most important careers in any society. The quality of teaching, learning and education is a vital element influencing the competence of all other occupations and progress of the society itself. Teachers influence the lives of many members of the society; although there is a wide spread misconception concerning the nature of teaching as a career.

It is generally known and a well-established fact that teachers are the hands that wrought the cradle of civilization of any nation (Craim, 2010). More so, teaching as a career needs people with proven integrity, people who are honest, dedicated and vast with knowledge and of good academic disposition, as to lead the generality of people to identify and find solution to the ills and problems of the society to which they belong. The possession of different talents for different individuals have been established by educational psychologists, and no two persons are born exactly alike but each differs from the other in natural endowments and are suited for different occupations. The educational implication of this is that, family background can have a decisive effect on the academic performance of students and is not often easy to determine occupational interest or aspiration of the secondary school student until he attains higher classes (Issa & Aliyu, 2012).

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