How to Upload Your O’level Result in Jamb Portal

Many students are not aware that they are supposed to upload their O’level result in Jamb portal. This post is intended to inform you how to go about it all.

Please note that O’level result cannot be uploaded in cyber cafes. Only CBT centres and Jamb offices can upload it. So, visit the nearest CBT centre to ensure you upload successfully.

Cost of Uploading O’level Result

O’level result upload cost from N300 to N500. But where third parties are involved, it may cost up to N1000


How To Upload Your O’level Result in Jamb Portal

To check your o’level result, you must login to your Jamb portal at


Insert your Jamb email and Jamb password (If you do not know your login details, consult the person that registered you in Jamb or visit a cafe to reset your password). Please, do not attempt this if you do not have your login details. Just putting any email and password there doesn’t log you in.

Once logged in, scroll down to the last purple icon with the inscription “check admission status”
In this next page, you will see a tab to insert your Jamb number. Then click on “Access my CAPS”. (Some candidates has complained that their own does not pass this place. If it happens to you, keep on trying).

In this next page, if you are using a phone, you may only see a blank page or “welcome”. If this is your case, then you will need to click option, the 3 dots or lines at the top right of your phone and click on request desktop site or desktop mode.

Then, your CAPS will open. Then look at the left side. But if using a phone, click the option button at the top left and the list will appear. Click on My O’level Result.

If your result appears, good. If not, consult your CBT or the person that uploaded it again.

If you see your O’level result there, whenever you hear candidates and your university telling you to go and upload again, just know that does not concern you. You have fulfilled all righteousness.

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