By Michael O. J.
Ed: Ass. Prof. F. C. Akpotohwo
Published September, 2020
Admissions and UTME Nigeria

Today, many persons believe that luck can influence the growth and/or downfall of a business. However, Akpotohwo deferred in his position by espousing that any good happening affecting the business may be as a result of cause and effect, not as a result of a luck somewhere.

Akpotohwo believes that if a child comes across a good(s), it may be as a result of his past deeds or the deeds of his fathers, coming back to him as what goes around often comes around.

Akpotohwo inferred that the concept of hopeful luck should be stricken out in the plan for a business and concerted plans should be placed before any other consideration.This position was proffered in a Post-graduate class on business plans. Some of Akpotohwo’s students like Zentus Pelle and Michael Oghenenyoreme had however, differed in their own views of Ass. Professor Akpotohwo’s postulate on business luck. Zentus held that in an instance of two business situated in a particular location, there may be heavy downpour with catastrophic storm that may destroy one business setting with the other spared – thereby implying luck impression on the spared venture.

Corroborating Zentus’ view, Michael on the other hand held that some business persons may receive unexpected grants either from government, NGOs, or through promotions from banks and/or other bigger organizations which may in no small measure upscale business performance if put into good use.

Pelle and Michael’s views nonetheless, Akpotohwo maintained that natural disasters are unexpected occurrences that places no luck on the non-affected business. Akpotohwo’s view are devoid of religious coloration. Rather, it is practical and strategic, with some ingredients of spiritual perspectives and human anticipatory balanced judgement.

In contrast to Prof. Akpotohwo’s postulates on business luck, many business owners today pray more for luck and spiritual support as a way to grow their businesses. Some may even go as far as sowing seed with their capital with the expectations that it will bring in more inexplicable blessings rather than using same resources to practically build the business empire and sowing seeds from the profits thereoff.

Concluding, Akpotohwo defines Luck according to Google Dictionary, as “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions”. He however maintained that there is nothing like “chance” or ‘luck’ in the workings of the Will of God in Creation. That anything that happens to a man always has a previous string tied to that persons past which he must experience in the present time.

He gave instances from even our “so-called Native environment” (i.e. our native parents/ inhabitants), and their belief that when things go constantly on the negative side for a particular individual over time, it is assumed that the individual in question has bad luck – either in business or in other life experiences. To them, it could be a curse from his ancestors or he is being punished for his past deeds. But if however things go fine for the individual, it is assumed that may be, the gods seem to be smiling at him or he has found favour in the sight of the gods.

For the Christians, the God has blessed him abundantly. By this, Natural Justice plays a major role in the life a man. An individual in business may therefore be successful (but “not luck”), if he puts his resources to prudent and strategic use rather than misappropriating such resources in the name of sowing seed or praying without genuine work. That is, if he sows with due diligence, he reaps abundantly.

Therefore, a genuine business operator or a potential one should rather commit himself to a functional prayer and seed sowing by meticulously committing his hard earn resources to a rewarding venture. If he succeeds, he can commit a fraction of his profit to any good deeds that can affect human life be it in the church or other human welfare endeavours.

His blessings may then be multiplied and not otherwise! If however, due to unforeseen circumstances like natural disaster, he suffers a setback, this is no bad luck in business, but a wake up call to prayerfully ask for God’s Mercy and seek new direction! Making this a case of LUCK will not be helpful in this regard. Rather, it is a potent display of ignorance in the workings of God’s Laws in Creation.

Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules


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