During admission period, one thing/challenge that many applicants face is the issue of naming or name appearance/order. This is simply the order of your name in most of your documents.

In many applicants’ documents, they are answering two name only in one file, three name in another file, and yet another arrangement of their names in another of their document.

(When referring to yourself, you only have a name, so, you can only say “my name is”… and not “my names are”)

This creates a lot of issues for them during verification. Before we look into how your name should look like in all your documents, let us first understand the words – first name, middlename and last name.

First Name (also known as forename)

This is your native name given to you by your parents or close family ties who share strong family theme. For instance, your pastor or uncle, aside your parents, may prefer a name and accepted by your parents. In most cases, your first name should immediately tell a listener where you come from.

Middle Name (also known as other name)

Middlename is often a name taken by oneself as a means of self recognition. It can also be given by parents or someone in society who holds certain level of influence over the named. Most persons don’t really have a middlename and this is not a cause for concern.

Last Name (also known as surname)

Last name is the family name or your father’s name. It is also called surname. Many persons use their forefather’s name as their surname but it is ideal you use your immediate father’s name as your surname

Maiden Name

This is the previous name of a married woman before she changed to her husband’s name. This means that a man does not have a maiden name but a woman

Order of Your Name

Now that we already know what first name, middlename and last name is, let us see how to arrange them. This is important because many have been stressed during admission, reprinted certificates, lost scholarships and many other consequences because of wrong arrangement of name. Haven known this, let us checkout the normal order for the purpose of admission. See the my name below:

First name (forename): Oghenenyoreme
Middle name (othername): Michael
Last name (Surname): Julius

For admission purpose, the correct way is Julius Oghenenyoreme Michael. This is in the order of surname, firstname and middlename. While surname must come first, there will be no issue anywhere if your first name comes last instead of in between. after all, the university does not know which one you took as your first name.

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Many applicants are bothered that when they registered their NDU Post UTME form, they did not come across anywhere to upload their PASSPORT. This has created concerns amongst faraway applicants who have no connection with the University for complaints and confirmation.

You can actually Get An NDU Post UTME Past Questions and Answers Anywhere! Call/WhatsApp Now! 08060699054

If you are part of those who have at one point in time expressed concerns that your Niger Delta University Post UTME Form does not carry a valid passport (as it is usually done in a normal application where you upload your passport during registration), please, be informed now that the NDU Post UTME application DOES NOT require a PASSPORT upload.

The University receive your JAMB passport from JAMB portal and use same for your NDU documentation.

Therefore, during admission, you are bound to see your JAMB passport in your NDU admission letter whence admitted.

Scores of sources alleged that many Jambites engaged in impersonation and use other person’s passport during Jamb examinations. When this happens, there is no way to change the passport with the University. Now, the person’s face that you used in Jamb application and examination will also appears in the University portal. Hence, it is probable you will lose your admission if you are in this situation.

Therefore, you need not be perturbed if you did not upload your passport during the NDU Post UTME Application. Everything is perfectly FINE.

When Will You Physical Passport Be Needed Then?

Since you did not upload your passport online, will there be anytime later when you will submit a passport? The answer is a simple YES. But this will be after admission. During Faculty file opening, you will be requested to bring several passports along with other documents that will require you to staple one or two passports inside. For a list of these documents, please click here

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