During this pandemic, many smart Nigerians has been secretly making millions without you knowing. Or probably you have been informed but you think it is a scam.

To make 20k to 50k weekly in Recharge and Get Paid, you need to understand the secret which I will share with you now without wasting time.

Now, let us go straight to the point. Someone told me he registered in RAGP last two years and forgot about the account because he did not make a dime. I ask of the person that registered him, he said the guy was not even picking his call. I just told him “that is where your problem came from”. I encouraged him to register again under my team.

Since he already believed in my words before now (he is a brother), he did not argue but registered his wife with a new Basic plan of N5,000. As we speak, he has grown so big within one month plus. He even registered himself again and his son under his wife. This is a strategy we use to earn more. So, can you find out the problem? The team you work with.

Now the greatest secret in recharge and get paid is the team. It was my professor in school in my Masters class that added me to his group and little by little, I picked interest since I was home during the early part of this pandemic doing nothing.

When I joined, my Prof. asked me to create a group and add my contacts especially those who are more likely to participate. I did just that and I also added him and another RAGP smart agent. They helped me made presentation in my group where even myself learnt from. From that time till now, I have been making commissions and earning big from recharge and get paid.

Like I said, this post is about how you can earn between 20-50k weekly in RAGP. After you must have joined and seen what I am talking about in earning big, then, you will follow the next step below.

Create 2 new accounts under your current account and register all your referrals under those two new accounts. I will not bore you with this strategy until you have joined and starts making money like me. This is just a side hustle and not even my main business.

Join now! If you delay, when you join later, those around you that should have been your downlines will tell you they are members already. Ouch! Thats bad!

The benefits of RAGP are for a lifetime. In as much as those you registered will surely buy recharge cards, buy data, buy Tv subs, refer others, etc., you will surely get commissions, whether you buy anything or not.

Please, register with my team and earn big like us. The team is the secret. If you register under someone because you knew them, and he does not have the spirit to move you up, your registration money will go in vain if you do not have that personal motivation.

How To Register Under Us With Free Presentation

  1. Call me now on 08060699054 or 08050706635
  2. Select a package and send the amount to my account: Julius Michael Oghenenyoreme, Access Bank, 0081536529
  3. Send your details to my WhatsApp line 08060699054 or 08050706635: Your full name, email, phone number, full bank account details, savings or current?

Take the bold step now and step into a life of financial security. Do not bother about referrals, we got your back covered. Referrals will find you.






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You can also open an account for your kids and let it grow for them. You can use the funds for educational purposes. Wonderful right? Don’t  go and open any educational account for your children. Open an RAGP account for them with just N50-100k and try to register users under them. That account is bound to grow for life. As your child grows, the account grows.

You win car fund as you grow up. No bank does this for you with assurance

RAGP training session in Lagos

A sample of an international trip award commission

You may be the only one left to join RAGP. Checkout the calibres

International trip qualifiers

International trip qualifier

International trip qualifier

International trip award







Who knows if your capacity is bigger than ours? you could be earning like those at the top.

Don’t complain you have no money, at all at all na witch market. Get at least 5k and start now!


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