Many Niger Delta University Post UTME applicants are having a hard time completing their post UTME application since it started 9th July, 2020. However, whatever the challenge may be, have the assurance that it can be settled and you will be through with the application.

Nevertheless, you should understand that there are some problems that only the university ICT office can resolve for you. Below are some challenges and how you can solve them yourself.

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1. Invalid User Information says “invalid user information”. This shows that the Niger Delta University does not have your details from JAMB. This does not however mean you cannot apply. If you see this message, the following may apply to you:

  • a. Your JAMB score is lower than 160 which is the minimum cutoff mark for Universities. Scores of 159 and below cannot apply.
    b. You did not choose Niger Delta University as your first choice. NDU does not accept second choice.
    c. You just changed to Niger Delta University today or few days back. You will wait for NDU to get your details from JAMB, implement in their portal before you can process. This takes within 3 days and above, depending on the day you changed and the day the University re-download from JAMB.
    d. For Direct Entry Candidates, if you just upgraded from UTME to DE, it will take same time as above to work.
    e. You entered invalid details.

2. Wrong Details

Details you saw in the application portal is not the same as your details: Once you enter your jamb number and score, your details were supposed to appear. There was a case of a Jambite, after inserting her jamb number and score, instead of her name to pop up, another applicant’s name came up but all other details are correct.

How Long Does it Take To Register for Niger Delta University Post UTME After Change of Institution

In this case, the problem is not from NDU. The problem is from the person who registered you in JAMB. That is where the error came from. So, if this happens to you, go to a CBT centre and apply for correction of name now. It may take time, but you will continue with the application with that wrong name. Throughout the admission period, the correction will reflect.

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3. Unable to make payment:

This is because maybe your card is not enabled to make payment. Have you used that card before to make payment? If yes, then keep on trying. If no, then go and enable your card for online payment in your bank. Network may also cause inability to make payment for your post UTME application. The network may be from your phone network, the website server or the payment (VogeuPay) server. Use these to determine where the problem is coming from and do what you have to do to scale through. If it is network issue, change your network if you have another sim. If it is server issues, leave the job there and attempt again later.

4. I was debited but the portal did not acknowledge my payment

There are many normal cases where after payment, and after your bank has debited you, the portal did not acknowledge your payment. After reinserting your details to process, the portal still tell you to pay again. This is what you should do: Go to the email you provided in the payment page which is supposed to be the email of the person using his/her bank details, there is a transaction ID sent to that email. Copy the transaction ID, come back to the application portal, when you get to where to pay again, instead of clicking to pay, look at the bottom, you will see where to paste the transaction ID. After pasting, click the button underneath it, the portal will acknowledge and take you to the next page to insert your O’level details. Now, if this does not work, it is only the ICT that can help you. In that case, you will have to contact us to do it for you through the ICT office. 08060699054, 08050706635.

5. Payment is Twice

Some persons, after paying N2,000 and the portal ask them to pay another N1,500, they think something is wrong. No, go ahead. That is a second/different payment before your form will pop up.

6. Awaiting Result

If you never write your WAEC, you can still apply, but pray WAEC later held because if not, the application is waste. If WAEC held, you will still get admission, even if it comes in later batches.

7. Total Cost

The total cost for the post UTME application is N3,640 (N2,080 + N1,560) However, cafe charges may make it up to N5,500 or even more.

Suggestions: We always suggest that to avoid complications, please, send your application to us let us do it for you one time. If you are far away, you can send the following details to 08060699054 via text or whatsapp:

Jamb Reg No:
Jamb Score:
Phone No:
Date of Birth (Day /Month /Year):
Full Home Address:
Marital Status:
O’Level Result Details:
Number of Sittings (1 or 2?)
Exam No:
Exam Year:
Subjects And Grades
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Or visit our office in the address below if you are close to NDU.

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