If you are an admission seeker into the Niger Delta University, then surely you need a self-guide that will help you understand what you need to do at each step of the way.

Our admission guide was published with the mindset that many applicants lack relevant information, and this lack makes them go online to ask questions from where fraudsters get their contacts and reach them.

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Sometimes, victims are pondering how the fraudsters got their contacts. Wonder no more. You have been in groups and pages, commenting and indicating that you are an admission seeker.

Over the years, we have contributed immensely to helping admission seekers understand themselves by providing information aforetime to ensure that applicants have all the relevant information to protect themselves.

This was largely due to the fact that lack of information has made many applicants to follow fraudsters promising admission, making numerous errors, and so on. But being equipped with the right information is like a guard that protect you from taking unnecessary action.

Therefore, we have come up with this Admission Guide Vol. 1. This volume will take you by hand through to the admission stage. The upcoming Vol. 2 will take you through 100 level until you are well established in the university.

Published by the region’s most renowned admissions researcher and publisher, Michael O. Jules, the Admission Guide takes you from being an admission applicant to an admission officer yourself as you are bound never to ask any question again. The guide tells you all. 

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The contents of this material are as follows:

1. Cover page
2. Title page
3. Publisher page
4. Table of contents
5. Acronyms and phrases
6. Preamble
7. When is Niger Delta University Post UTME examination?
8. What is Niger Delta University Post UTME Cutoff Mark
9. How Do I Get The Niger Delta University Departmental Cutoff Marks?
10. Does NDU Offer Supplementary Post UTME?
11. Does the Niger Delta University Accept Second (2nd) Choice Candidates?
12. Is There Accommodation for NDU Post UTME Candidates?
13. How Can I Get Niger Delta University Post UTME Past Questions and Answers?
14. Is Niger Delta University (NDU) Post UTME Questions Difficult?
15. Can I Do Change of Institution To Niger Delta University?
16. How Can I Upgrade my UTME Result
17. How Many Questions Does Niger Delta University Set For Post UTME?
18. What is the overall score of the Post UTME?
19. How many marks are allocated to each question?
20. How Many Minutes (Duration) Do We Have To Write The Post UTME?
21. Time of Niger Delta University Post UTME
22. What You Must Not Bring To The Niger Delta University Post UTME Screening Exercise
23. What am I expected to take to the examination hall?
24. Venue of Niger Delta University Post UTME
25. Direction to NDU Post UTME Venue
26. How Much is Niger Delta University (NDU) Post UTME Application Form?
27. How Long Does The Post UTME Last?
28. Minor Mistakes Post UTME Applicants/Admission Seekers Make
29. How Long Does It Take After Exams Before Results Are Released?
30. How Long Does it Take to Start Admission After Post UTME?

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31. How Much is the Transportation Fare to Niger Delta University?
32. How to understand university Post UTME timetable
33. Can I take my phone inside the examination hall?
34. Are Past Questions Repeated In The New Post UTME Examinations?
35. What can I do to increase my chances of getting admission?
36. Is NDU A State Or Federal University?
37. What is the school fees structure for NDU?
38. What are the lists of courses offered in NDU?
39. I am coming from afar: How can I get accommodation during NDU Post UTME?
40. Hostel or off campus, which one is better?
41. Are students allowed to cook in hostels?
42. How much is acceptance fee?
43. How much is clearance and all the rest charges?
44. If I Score Below 200 For Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, and Related Competitive Courses,
Which Available Options Can I Change To?

45. If I Score Below 200 For Law, Which Available Options Can I Change To?
46. List of Courses Offered in Niger Delta University And Their School Fees
47. Admissions
48. What you must know about admissions
49. From JAMB to Post UTME examinations
50. How JAMB and Post UTME scores are calculated for admission consideration
51. How to calculate Post UTME admission screening scores for all schools using jamb
point system
52. How to calculate the relevant grades/score for admission
53. The admission circle
54. Admission lists/batches
55. How to check your admission status in jamb portal
56. 5 Ways to know you have been given admission
1. Jamb CAPS
2. School portal
3. SMS notification
4. JAMB matriculation list
5. Email Notification
57. Introduction to CAPS
58. What is CAPS?
59. Why was CAPS introduced?
60. How does CAPS work?
a. Check admission status
b. Marketplace
c. O’level Result
61. CAPS and universities

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62. What will happen if I reject my admission?
63. What happens after I accept my admission?
64. Benefits of JAMB CAPS (advantages of jamb caps)
65. Direct entry candidates and admissions
66. Direct entry Post UTME application
67. Direct entry admissions
68. Direct entry school fees
69. Direct entry acceptance fees
70. Direct entry clearance fees
71. Direct entry accommodation
72. General acceptance fees
73. Clearance fees
74. Documents needed for clearance
75. Verification
a. Six steps to gain admission easily
b. Step I
c. Step II: Letter of concessional admission to the vice chancellor for admission
d. How To Write A Letter of Concessional Admission
e. Step IV: What if your score is low, change course to another that befits your scores
f. Step V: What if your JAMB score is below JAMB cutoff mark?
1. Predegree/JUPEB
2. Basic

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g. Step VI:
76. Caution
77. Conclusion
78. Sample of Niger Delta University Post UTME application form
79. Sample of NDU Post UTME timetable
80. Year one clearance charges
81. Cost of accommodation in Amassoma
82. Post UTME application details
83. About the author

Volume II

1. Processes Required from New Entrants (Steps in registration)
2. Understanding the Lecture Timetable
3. Lecture Venues
4. What is CGPA?
5. Unravelling the Mysteries of Calculating Your CGPA
6. Bursaries and Scholarships
7. Accommodation
8. School Fees Payment, etc.

Cost: N1,000 only

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