How To Get Referral ID for Recharge and Get Paid Registration


Before we talk about how to get the referral ID for recharge and get paid (RAGP) registration, I must thank you for this bold step and make you understand that RAGP is one of the most lucrative business ever in the history of marketing in Nigeria and I want to welcome you to the platform formally.


How To Register With Recharge and Get Paid RAGP


Referral ID for Recharge and Get Paid Registration


Use Michaeltelecommerce as your referral ID for recharge and get paid registration.

Copy and paste the RAGP ID in bold above and insert it in the first box in the registration platform


Why You Should Use This RAGP Referral ID


If the person who inform you about recharge and get paid did not tell you this is a teamwork business, the person has not yet told you everything.


Recharge and get paid is a teamwork, so that everyone including you who wants to register today can grow quick. After registering with my ID, kindly call me up on 080507066355, I will add you to my team to see how we do it. I will also show you how to grow your team slow and steady.


RAGP is Not a Scam


Please, this is not MMM. If you are looking for where to put N50,000 and get N1000,000, please, go back now. The way this platform works is different. It works based on the type of team you follow and may even be lucrative that the so-called MMM.


Teamwork in Recharge and Get Paid


If you work alone, you will not have the force to convince others. But if you use the referral ID above and you join my team, our force will in no time convince your prospective team members that they need to join as soon as possible. I will teach you how to create you team, I will host a seminar on the programme and from there, you will start seeing changes.


The magic is in the teamwork. Please, try to understand this so that you will not say you are unable to get persons to register under you. Just few days ago, I called my professor who registered me and thanked him for making me understand the TEAMWORK concept in RAGP.


Since you are here, it means you want to register yourself. Therefore, another advise I will give you is that if you want to activate the account now, please, use e-wallet. This is faster and does not have banking hurdles. Hence, you will need someone like me to use the money in my wallet to fund your registration. Biko, understand it this way to avoid headache.


For further information, reach me on the numbers below:


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