Many 2020/2021 admission seekers are wondering what would become of them in the current pandemic situation. Some are asking if admission would still go on as planned for the session.


Well, for now, I am very sure that admission will not be affected this year if the pandemic subsides soon.


Reasons Why Admissions Will Still Go On Despite the Pandemic


  1. Even aside the pandemic, ordinarily by now, admission wouldn’t have started. So, if the pandemic subsides now, it will still look like nothing has happened.



  1. Jamb policy meeting that set the ground running for admission is still June 15/16th away. JAMB announced earlier that its policy meeting will hold on the 15th and 16th of June. This meeting is yet to be held. So for now, nothing has passed admission seekers.



  1. This JAMB policy meeting can be held in zoom. Since the inception of the lockdown, universities/Vice Chancellors has been holding their national meetings via Zoom. Hence the JAMB policy meeting may not be affected by the lockdown.



  1. Admission circle take a longer time -it is not just something of one month. This means that there is time to waste even if the pandemic takes longer. Admission is supposed to start by September/October after Post UTME examinations.



  1. Ordinarily, admission would start September/October and reach January-February next year (some universities were still granting admissions even before the closure of schools across the country. This was already February). If time shortens drastically, schools can decide to release all the list at once rather than releasing it one after the other.



  1. Post UTME can be purchased online. You send us money and we process while you are at the comfort of your home. So, whether there is lockdown or not, you can actually process your post UTME form without leaving the comfort of your house.



  1. Should the pandemic stays longer, universities can actually grant admission using your JAMB score. Hence, it is POSSIBLE that Post UTME exams CAN/MAY be skipped but after you must have processed the form (Please note, I did not say post utme will be skipped. Please read to understanding. I only said there is a possibility if time shortens drastically). In 2015/2016, there was no post UTME. Many schools just sold post UTME forms and started granting admissions. You know when oga Bubu won election finish in 2015, them just start some go front, come back policies. Them scrap Post UTME. The next session, post utme go reinforce come back. Till date we are still writing Post UTME.



  1. Universities can counteract (squeeze, reduce) the length of the next set of semesters to accommodate for lost time. The NDU is a very good example of managing semesters. From 2016 through 2019, the NDU has implemented very fine policies in its bid to be ahead of all universities in Nigeria. Search online for NDU CONCURRENT SEMESTERS and read up. Also, in previous semesters, you can complete first semester exams today Friday and resume second semester on Monday next week (Just a weekend holiday). Also, holidays in between two different sessions, has also witnessed one or two weeks break. So, NDU is familiar with these situations and will be one of the less affected universities in Nigeria.



  1. Losing an academic session will cost universities a whole lot in finances and record keeping. In fact, no university would want to hear of skipping a session. So, they would do all they can to admit students.



  1. Yearly admissions is the life-blood of universities. It is unimaginable that all universities, not even one, did not admit for one session. This will affect many other activities like matriculation, orientation, clearance, etc. In finances, it will not only affect the universities but also businesses like cafes across the nation.



So, now you know. Admission must go on by fire by thunder in Jesus name. Prayerrrrr…


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