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The Deadlock: Part 8 – Final Part

By Kay Lord



The Chairman wanted a more detailed explanation and why Mrs Randberg arrived at her position. She posited that if you want to know a man very well, talk to his wife. A wife is the best representation of her husband and a sure reflection of his home.



The position of a chief executive needs a man with a clear mind and a non troubling family life…running Renato takes a lot and if your home is not conducive and peaceful enough, your output might be affected.



But can we use a one encounter with Nosa’s wife to pass a judgement on his family life? I have worked with him for 7 years and there has never been anytime his family life affected his work here at Renato…the MD responded.



Too bad, Mrs. Randberg quipped. First impression last longer. We all agreed we will use this encounter to make our final choice and break the deadlock. Not that we are passing a vote of no confidence on Nosa.



He might have a great family life just like you said, I don’t doubt that but his wife talks too much and there are some matters between husband and wife not meant for outsiders you are meeting for the first time. For all I care, Fred might have a more volatile marital life but his wife kept it under wraps and put up a good representation for her husband.


Okay, the deal is done. Mr Goldberg, please call a meeting of management for 9 am tomorrow where I would announce the appointment of Fred Coker as the new MD/CEO of Renato Nigeria. Meanwhile, prepare his letter of appointment for me to sign while you inform him to see me at my hotel tonight at 7pm to inform him personally before the official announcement tomorrow morning.


The End

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