Hardwork!  Persistence! Cunning!


The Deadlock: Part 5

By Kay Lord



Meanwhile, at Nosa and Erica’s home prior to the farewell dinner for Mr Goldberg at Eko Hotel, it was a silence of the grave yard scenario.



Nosa and Erica have not been on talking terms for three days until that morning when Nosa had to break the ice because of the farewell dinner they both have to attend. As usual, it’s all about money issue. Erica believes Nosa is too tight fisted and only cares for his siblings and parents to the detriment of his immediate family.



Erica shouted at him few days ago about how as usual she asked him for some money, he refused but later went ahead to send more than the amount she asked for to his youngest brother he’s training in a UK University.



“You can spend any amount on your parents and siblings but when it comes to your family, it’s always excuse everytime. Why did you even marry and have a family? Why not just stay single and slave for your family…” Erica shouted at him.



Nosa hates it when Erica starts her usual trouble. Left to him, as far as he’s concerned, he’s been able to give the best to his immediate family. They don’t lack anything and his position at work gave them virtually everything free including the education of their two kids who are both schooling abroad in very expensive institutions.



What he would not do is indulge Erica and be wasteful with money like her. After all, she earns well so why can’t she use her own money for all her ridiculous expenses. How can you be asking me to change a car I bought for you two years ago just because a new model just came out? No way! You can as well buy it with your own money.



“No amount of blackmail or cold shoulder would make me change a two year old car…” Nosa vowed.

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