Hardwork!  Persistence! Cunning!


The Deadlock: Part 4

By Kay Lord



At home prior to the Farewell Dinner of her husband’s boss at Eko hotel, Jane Coker was at home having an argument with her husband about his workaholic nature and his not spending enough time with her and the kids…



It has always been a sour point in Fred and Jane’s marriage. Fred has always been a serious minded person right from school. He’s a provider and he loves his wife and kids to bits but when it comes to his responsibility in the office, he can’t help putting too much time and energy into it.



He kept telling Jane that Renato has given him a great life and the least he can do is to work hard for the company that changed his life for good. As an Executive Director, apart from a fabulous pay package, their kids are entitled to full scholarship up to University level, a home in highbrow Ikoyi which becomes theirs at retirement and an all expense paid summer holiday for the whole family once a year.



All these is apart from generous allowances as at when due. Fred always feel obligated to give all back to the company and often times to the detriment of his family.


Jane understand Fred’s argument but just does not buy the idea of making your family pay dearly for this work obsession. This has been a dark spot in their marriage and Jane over the years took solace in her kids and her passion for running her Nursery/ Primary school. The only day Fred ever stays at home and not go to work is on Sunday, that’s if he’s not traveling abroad on official assignment.



Jane wonders why she should remain in a marriage where for sometimes two months, her husband would refuse to perform his conjugal responsibility. For how long is she going to live a sexless life at age 42 or keep begging her husband for sex.

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