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With NDU resumption date unknown and students at home chilling and enjoying the compulsory holiday while it last, it is now clear that management was doing beyond the scene maintenance. Many students may resume and no longer recognize their school again.


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Recall that before the federal government shutdown universities nationwide, the ETF-Arts block section of the Gloryland Campus road was ongoing which disrupted passage/usage of that section of the road. You won’t believe how the road looks like now. All brand new. Indeed, management deserve some accolades.



Today, we took it upon ourselves to move around the main campus to see how the campus now look like.



The Gloryland main campus, which is currently the oldest campus of the Niger Delta University is currently a shadow of itself. Just like the VC stated in his last radio broadcast, the University is currently functioning with even lesser skeletal offices as you could barely see any office open for any business.

Again, NDU Closed Down All Activities: Sidelines Skeletal Functions


However, we observed that the exams and records office was open with several staff but could not ascertain if any tangible business was ongoing.


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All around the main campus, from main gate through library, LTs, former VC office, Access Bank, engine blocks, beans up, sick-bay back through to main gate, the university reflect a shadow of itself.



This is very normal with university communities especially communities where the only tangible development is the university with Amassoma as a case study.



Unlike schools like DELSU which is a bit bustling despite vacation of students, the Niger Delta University along with its counterpart Federal University in Otuoke often witness poor patronage of persons as the universities in the respective communities are the only serious business therein.



We also discovered that the Sickbay environment has been renovated with interlock floor outside. The NDU has witnessed tremendous development over the last few years under this administration despite school fees quarrel between management/government and the students community.



In our subsequent reports, we shall visit and take a stroll round the Newsite campus. It was also reported earllier by students that many constructions are ongoing last month and by now, those constructions may have gone far.



When Will Universities Resume From Coronavirus Break

NDU Resumption Date


Universities will resume after the coronavirus pandemic has lessened. For now, there is no date at sight. Purported June 1st resumption date is mere scam.


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