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A thrilling story of a successful gospel artiste from grass to grace and back to grass.




I had been feeling weak all week, I complained to Daniel, when he came around the day before and he had promised to get me very good malaria drugs. He came to the prison, unusually early, in order to give me my drugs. He had brought some homemade food, but I felt like throwing up on seeing the food.



I suddenly heard in my spirit, “Mercy has found you, you are carrying a baby, and her name shall be called “MERCY”.



The drugs fell from my hand and I faced Daniel with a blank look. I stood up and moved away from Daniel… Daniel was scared…



‘My Grace, what is it? Are you ok?”



“I heard something..” Daniel, I want you to take me out right now, I still have four free days in this year right?



Daniel nodded…but he was confused…



“Why?“ he asked



“I will Explain later, just take me out”…



I was cleared and I went out with Daniel. When I saw a signpost of a Lab, I told him to park right in front of it…Daniel still did not get the gist…



“You want to do a malaria test?” he asked… I refused to say a word.



On getting to the Lab attendant, I told him I wanted to do a blood pregnancy test, Daniel was shocked, but he suddenly became speechless as we both anxiously waited for the result…



The Result came out and it turned out “POSITIVE”…



Our Joy knew no bounds, I told him what I heard, and we kept the name “MERCY”



Seven months later, I gave birth to Mercy at the Prison hospital. Daniel took over the child from me, he and MAMA were nursing her. Daniel always brought her for breastfeeding every morning and Evening….



I always spent my three free weekends with Daniel and Mercy. We travelled to different parts of the country. Daniel made it a duty that Mercy saw me at least three times every week in the evening…



My music was soaring, as the government kept sponsoring my music. God was ever faithful, releasing fresh songs for me.



Pastor James and his wife were covenant family friends, they also relocated close to the prison, as Joyce volunteered to assist in training Mercy in areas, Daniel could not…



I never missed any important celebration in Mercy and Daniel’s Life, it was always arranged to be on one of my free days…



God still molded something great out of my life despite the limitation of the prison doors…



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