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A thrilling story of a successful gospel artiste from grass to grace and back to grass.





I was at that point in my music career when my voice was the hit… I was a Gospel Musician but with a very unique voice and style of music. Larry was my keyboardist, He was divinely anointed to play the Keyboard.



He was married and I was too…. He just knew how to play the right tune…. He gave my music its style… Our families knew each other well, my husband never saw him as a threat, and neither did his wife have a problem with us travelling around for sold out shows…. He was the instrument, I was the voice…



A match ordained by God to bless lives…. Emotions started getting in the way, I started seeing ways in which he was better than my husband. He started seeing how we fit each other perfectly…



We couldn’t help each other as sometimes we would shed tears of wishing we were married to each other. Our thought was If we were married, we would be a couple doing great exploits for the LORD…



Sometimes I felt like hugging him so tight and it took strong will not to touch his soft lips… He sometimes would give me a big hug after our show, onlookers thought it was just a professional hug, but he would whisper “I love you more than anything in this world, I wish you were mine”



It was genuine, I loved him and He loved me… But we were married to other people!


Before I go on in my tale, what do you think I should have done?… if you were in my shoes, What would you have done???? I need your genuine answers….


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