Many students are having challenges paying their school fees. They had N20,000 yesterday, but before they get another N20,000 tomorrow, they already spent the N20,000 of yesterday, else, they would have been having N40,000 off their school fees.

Many parents’ salaries are far below their ward’s school fees, hence, having it all at once to pay has become a onerous task for many sponsors


We therefore, appeal to you to deposit all school fees half payment with us to enable us help you gather it till it is complete. This helps you pay your school fees conveniently, pay on time, avoid the high blood pressure that comes with school fees deadline, saves you from spending the school fees on unnecessary expenses like most students who used their school fees to play MerryBet, and also keeps you from dealing with fraudsters or even genuine persons who are prone to defraud you.


So many students are having numerous challenges in the university today because school fees has increased tremendously beyond the reach of the poor. The focus of this publication is the challenges of the school fees.


Today, many parents receive salaries that is below the school fees of their wards. They have to combine 2-3months salaries to enable them pay up. This is where most of the challenges comes from. How can you just combine three months salaries without spending?


Many other parents, sponsors, guardians, etc. however, are running personal businesses which is not also robust enough to power a one-off payment of their students’ school fees.


So, we came up with a plan. What if you have a trustee that can help you pay the school fees small small? As in pay bit by bit? Of course, we accept small small payments of school fees from students, gather them, and when complete, we pay them to school account and get receipt from school.


Some parents may have N50,000 today and keep it hoping to add to it next week. But unfortunately, by next week, this N50,000 has either been squandered halfway or completely finished.


This is the major reason why many students are unable to pay their school fees on time. Thereby falling victims to management’s school fees payment deadline.


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Over the years, I also noticed that many students are using their school fees too. Some students will come to the office to pay school fees, only to go and make the transfer in the bank to our account, and viam! They have dissapeared. See them later, they will be smiling. Of course, the money dom get k-leg.


Many of them needed just as small as 1k, but as soon as you use small from it without your parents knowing, that is how the money will keep on going down and down. So, the best way is to remove the money from under your control. Not in the house, not even in the bank but to us to ensure you lack access to touch it especially when you may need small money.


Unfortunately, many student will call to tell us they have half payment. When we recommend keeping that half under our care, some who are not familiar with us are understandably skeptical, refuse and end up using the small money with them.


One major reason why we are running this pay little programme is our belief that 1+1 easily turns 2. Many of our students customers would bring N50,000 at the beginning of the semester. Later, they will add N20,000. Before you say cheese! School fees is complete. And they are off the trap of school fees deadline.


Target Persons Who Can Enjoy This Programme


If you fall under the following, you are going to need us:

1. If your parents’ monthly earning is not up to your school fees.

2. If your parents have more than one ward in the university making sponsorship a little difficult

3. If you are not financially disciplined

4. If you are on self sponsorship and hustle your fees yourself with a level of difficulty

5. If your parents told you they have half of the school fees for now.

6. Or any other person who finds it hard to complete their school fees or get the fees in bits.

Over the years, many parents have been asking us if the university accepts school fees in bits or in half, but it is unfortunately NO. So, to help you and protect you from eating/spending the school fees, it is wise you deal with us and have a little rest of mind.


Why Parents Must Not Pay School Fees Into Their Students’ Account


This may not apply to all students. For at least, I have seen very prudents students around. But the challenge is that there are some students who do not have financial discipline at all.


Some students may have the needed financial discipline but when trouble, hunger, academic needs, etc. arise, they easily fall back to the school fees while under them. Of course, health first before you can talk about school fees.


Again, many students haven’t seen big money before. Whence their parents pays their school fees into their account, they feel pompous, Very big. With shoulders high, it feels as if they have hammered. Shoulders now dom dey rise. On top school fees o. Ha! School fees have seen something in this life o.


So, you see? The school fees have to be jealously protected, otherwise, it is spent on other essentials/non-essentials.


Why Do We Want This?


You see ehn? I have seen alot of things in the university and school fees embezzlement is one shocking thing amongst them. I have seen students use their school fees for the following stuff:


1. Play NairaBet/MerryBet: Just last two sessions, my student customer sent N70,000 as part of his school fees. He alleged the money was given to him in half. Later, he requested for N20,000 that the mother wanted to use it. Later on, he requested for another N30,000 that the mother wanted it for business that he will return it the next weekend. Of course I already started being suspicious. Then I told him, “I want to speak to mum to confirm your story before releasing the money”. That was when he looked down and smiled. Guess what? He has been playing NairaBet with his school fees.


These are very painful experiences parents goes through. So, we want to protect both the parent, the students and the school fees from this type of experience, hence, we prefer sending the school fees to us while we pay. So, the students just got to see only paper receipts. Confirmable in their school portal profiles.


2. Many Students also spend their school fees with their boyfriends/girlfriends: This is hard to believe but it is true. At least, I have seen several instances. The problem is that once a thousand Naira is spent from the school fees, it becomes difficult for students to add it back. So, it is best to avoid giving students school fees from the start.


3. Cultism: Because of cultism demands, many students have used part of their school fees to fulfill their membership requirements. If the school fees is not kept under them, they will look somewhere else.


4. Theft: Many students have fallen victims of theft. In 2018, a student who was coming to my office to pay school fees of N100,000 lost it to thieves at the popular Amassoma roundabout. He cried to the office and we immediately reported to the police stationed nearby. They swung into action and one of the boys was caught through community vigilante efforts, who then led the police to the other boys.


5. Unending Human Demands: You see? Even daddy and Mummy may be the ones demanding for the school fees back for one expenses or the other. So, imagine this money is kept under your control or mummy/daddy wanted to gather the money to complete before paying school fees. Sure they will use the available part again and we are back to square zero.


6. Banks Unsafe: Talking about saving school fees in the bank is not also safe. You can easily make transfer for unnecessary expenses. Unless you make it a fix deposit which is not really applicable since the school fees is expected to be paid within weeks.


7. Financial Discipline Does not Often Help: To believe that you can save the school fees under your care because you have financial discipline may be self-deception. This is because as a student/parent, a lot of expenses comes our way sometimes. A friend may need a life-saving assistance. There may be a life-threatening occurrence in the family. You may need to invest suddenly. With which person school fees? Mine? You lie! Give me that money now! Lols.


8. Deadline: According to the Niger Delta University, students are expected to pay their school fees two weeks into any new session. After the two weeks, it becomes late payment and N4,000 and N2,000 is added to the fees for returning and fresh students respectively as late payment charges. By the end of another two weeks, late payment expires and you are expected to defer your admission to the next session. When you defer, you will go home and come back when the next session commence. Note however, that management always play down on this policy.


So, if you start paying your school fees little by little from the beginning of the semester, before the end of the semester, you are done and case is closed. But waiting for all the fees to complete is very difficult for many as they will spend anything avalaible before another money comes in.

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Our Experiences


This is not the first year of asking students to entrust their part school fees with us. We have a history of close to half a decade in this endeavour. Whatever package we offer here is based on our experiences in the office. So, we have a whole lot of experiences in this.


In the past, students will come to the office with half school fees and request if they could pay half. In Niger Delta University, you can pay half but the system does not give receipt for half payment. They will ignore our plea to deposit the half with us and go with it. Days later, see them along the road and ask how far? Your guess is as good as mine. The half school fees is gone. This is the major fight we are fighting with this publication. Bring all the half school fees for us. It is far better for you that way.


To the contrary, many students who have been doing business with us and trust us have reasons to be happy as they abide by our tutelage. Our academic tutelage is not only restricted to aiding you with information to gain admission. Now in school, we also engage in many endeavours that puts you in the right direction.


Many students testified that but for our efforts, they would have spent their school fees if it was under them. They sent us the little they had. Little by little, it became a mountain that was hitherto difficult to climb. Now they have paid their fees through their own endeavour.


How Do We Collect The School Fees From You?


In the Office, we have both online and offline entries. Oftentimes, we prefer direct bank deposit because it is easier to trace. However, when you come to the office to pay part of your school fees, we give you a receipt and enters it in our database. If you are far away and made transfers, we enters the transaction and prepares your receipt pending when your come to school. Anytime you come again to add up, we update our records. Once completed, and you direct us to pay, we pay up immediately and print out your original receipt from school.


How Much Can You Pay in Bits?


As your power reach. Remember we are helping to save up. So, you do not really need to have up to N20k to start saving. One of my customer, a Pharmacy student who paid N200,000 last year at a point brough N7,000 and N8,000. So you see? Any amount at all can be saved provided you want that amount to be part of your school fees.


How Do We Handle Your Money While With Us?


Your money is well kept in a safe company account that is innaccessible for drawings except for online school fees payment. We may also use the cooperative society to save up some funds that is in excess. We have a clear long time record of financial sagacity and discipline. For the past half a decade, no financial misbehaviour has been found with us. In fact, all customers we have helped with this medium have the course to recommend us to their colleagues for the same purpose. Many students who even already paid their fees to third parties were given fake receipts unknowingly. We verified and informed them and involved the school security. Dealing with us gives you a whole lot of rest of mind from delayed school fees payment, school fees fraud, etc. We are just too good in what we do. Come let us help you with this scheme so that when you hear VC is shouting close portal, you won’t be bothered.


What You Stand to Benefit


Any student and parents that deals with us have a lot of benefits. They include:

1. Pay your school fees conveniently.
2. Avoid high blood pressure that comes with school fees deadline.
3. Saves you from spending the school fees on unnecessary expenses.
4. Keeps you from dealing with fraudsters or even genuine persons who are prone to defraud you.
5. Get updated information on all processes in school.
6. Gives you a sense of belonging and satisfaction.
7. You are never overcharged when processing your documents with us unlike what is obtained out there.


How To Reach Us In The Office


If after reading this publication, you wish to deposit with us, reach us via the address below:

Beside RCF Tent,
By NDU Gloryland Campus Main Gate,
Wilberforce Island,
Bayelsa State.


How To Reach Us Remotely


If after reading this publication, you wish to deposit with us but you are far away, kindly call our office lines below:

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