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The anti-cultism unit of Rivers State police command has arrested members of a kidnap gang who abducted, killed and buried three students of the University of Portharcourt in a shallow grave in Eteo, Rivers State.

The undergraduates were kidnapped on April 7th, 2020. One of the suspect, Friday Akpan, said they abducted the victims (Joy Adoki, Nelson Nwafor, Fortune Obimba)on the order of one Bright who told them the victim betrayed him after money was paid into the account of one of the victims.

The arrested suspect explained that they killed and buried the three undergraduate after raping Joy, the female among them.

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The spokesperson to the rivers State Police Command, Nnamdi Omoni stated that an AK 47 rifle, pistol, three magazines, 72 rounds of live ammunition were recovered from the suspects.


The decomposed bodies of the victims exhumed by the police while the investigation is ongoing

Meanwhile, after weeks of disappearance, friends, neighbors and concerned persons had raised alarm over the sudden disappearance of the three friends.

A Facebook user with the username Glory Samuel who identified herself as a next door neighbor who often goes to one of the victim’s house to charge her phone took to her Facebook page to lament the sudden disappearance of his friend a day before the shocking revelation by the police.


According to her, “woke up this morning feeling like discussing on varied range of subjects. No! Covid 19 did  not make the cut. I’m mentally drained of the politics associated with it.”


“However, my train of thoughts settled on our neighbours. This dude is a yahoo boy and not the broke kind. He’s livin-lavida-loca in school.”

“It doesn’t go unnoticed that he’s on steady cash out. Man has a car and four successful businesses. A car wash, boutique, guest house  and a barber’s shop.”


“The young man is always entertaining friends, there is no day that you wouldn’t see a new face in his home, the furnished room is drop dead!”


“My roomie and I usually charge our phones there, his generator is only off when there’s power supply.”


“Man was invited over by his friend at Eleme (he spent most of his formative years there) by a friend. He went with two of his friends, a boy and a girl. Since then they haven’t been heard from (sic) again.”


“Their phones are switched off, his car is no where to be found, the worst part is the supposedly friend they went to visit denied ever seeing them.”


“Shit is getting real! His mom went to six different spiritual houses to find out the whereabouts of her son, she was told by the six different prophets that he was set up by his friends.”


“Wait, what?! His friends?!! Set him up?!!!”


“Why would his friends do such?”

“His parents are having a difficult time narrowing down the list because this dude has a church of friends.”


“The parents proceeded to arrest about six of his close friends, one ran away. Of course the boys have been released on bail without giving any concrete detail.”


“Man is still missing, he just disappeared! My heart goes out to all three of them and their parents, especially the girl. I hope they safely return.”


“The dude’s mum hasn’t given up though, she’s looking for a witch that can cast a locator’s spell to find her son. I almost wanted to refer her to Bonnie in Vampires Diaries but well…”


“My point is know your friends, people change.”

“Even Satan was an angel, know who you surround yourself with. Sometimes they laugh and smile with you but deep inside, they want what you have!”


“Of course there’s nothing to prove that he was actually set up by his friends, but when you view the pieces of the puzzle even without the missing parts, you can see the whole picture: he walked into an obvious trap!”


“I pray he comes home soon. We do miss him here.”


In the video released by journalist who followed the security operatives to the location where the bodies where exhumed, one of the suspect, Friday Akpan confessed that “they brought the victims to the location and first of all killed the first boy after which they killed the others”.


When asked by journalists if they cut off their heads, Akpan said “it was Bright that brought the gun with red bullet. When the gun did not enter one of the boys, from there we matchete him to death his head before he died.

When asked who the girl is, Akpan said “I do not know because it was three of them that came to Bright’s house when Bright called us that the boy betrayed him. There was money paid to the boy’s account…”


Akpan who confessed to be an Icelander also stated that this is their second time of carrying out such operation in the area. He also mentioned members of his crew to include ThankGod who lives in Okoshidi with Etete and Owo from Atta community in government house, and Bright and Imbakwe in police station.