This is perhaps one of the mostly asked questions in recent days. This question goes to show that many students has not understood the weight and enormous nature of the pandemic.


Although the federal government is locking down the economy in fortnights, it is imperative to understand that these two weeks interval won’t solve the current situation.


Speaking of when school will resume when the cases of the coronavirus pandemic is increasing is evident of students’ lack of awareness of what is going on around the globe.


As at April 24th, 2020, Nigeria had a total of 1095 confirmed coronavirus cases nationwide with 208 discharged and 32 deaths.


Only April 24th alone witnessed 114 new cases testing positive to coronavirus. This is very worrisome. Even with the incoming of Chinese doctors, there has been minimal effectiveness to the situation.


Recall that from February 28 when Nigeria had the first index case till 9th March when the Chinese doctors landed, it was exactly 41 days with a total of 276 index cases. This gives you an average of 6.7 (7) cases of coronavirus per day in Nigeria.


However, from thence till date is exactly 48 days with a total new cases of 819. This gives you a total of 17.6 (18) new cases on average per day. This is more than double of what we had before the entry of the Chinese doctors. Experts had attributed this to the fact that before now, the virus has been in its incubation period and now, it is full blown.


Owing to the above, it remains a fact that the pandemic has not leveled, rather, it is still increasing in numbers. Hence, issues of when school will resume should not be the focus, rather, our attention should be on when the pandemic/cases of new victims will calm down.


Speaking on when school will resume, things are not currently really clear, so the only thing to say now is that such time is indefinite. Even the federal government had said school resumption date is indefinite.


The federal government announced Tuesday 21st that it has extended the closure of tertiary institutions across the country indefinitely.


What I will advise students is to engage in self-development endeavours like online training. The internet is replete with a lot of information on virtually anything in the world today. Anything that sparks your interest, you can actually browse about it and create a whole new world of knowledge for yourself.


Instead on focusing on the pandemic, why not remove our mind and do those things we never had time to do before now? Like family engagements, working from home, documenting your experience, and engaging in charity if you have the means, because this too, shall pass.


While it lasts, let the living rejoice in the fact that we are still alive to tell the story hereafter.


Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules

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