For: Jambites and parents/sponsors/guardians only

If you applied for admission into the following programmes:

  1. Medicine
  2. Pharmacy
  3. Medical Laboratory Science (Also Called Science Laboratory Technology)
  4. Nursing

And your JAMB score is below 200, it is very likely you may not get those courses again.

Now, it is expedient to do a career readjustment now. This means you have to set your mind on a related course because those courses listed above are highly competitive and requires higher JAMB grades.

Taking JAMB scores of less than 200 to wait for admission in those courses is like taking bow and arrows to a war fought with AK47. Of course you know say na halfway your arrows go reach while those with AK47 are making headway, firing miles away.


Change your course. Your score may be too low for where you are going. Even in universities like DELSU, UNIBEN, UNN, UNIPORT, UNILAG, IMSU, UNIZIK, just to mention a few, you cannot even get any medical course because their cutoffs are very high.

I have seen candidates with even 250 JAMB scores who did not even get those courses above.

So, which course will you now change to?

Well, unfortunately, no medical course will be available for you because all of them requires higher JAMB scores.

If your university is the Niger Delta University, the following science programmes are available for your consideration.

Faculty of Science:

  1. Biological Sciences
  2. Geology
  3. Pure and Applied Chemistry (Chemistry)
  4. Microbiology
  5. Computer Science
  6. Mathematics Physics

Faculty of Education:

  1. Science Education

Faculty of Engineering:

  1. Fisheries Production Technology
  2. Crop Production Technology
  3. Econs. & Rural Sociology
  4. Livestock Production Technology



Note: Any decision you make is solely your responsibility. All we do is provision of information to your benefits and consequent decision making.



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