Have you created a Facebook page but it did not earn you anything?


Or maybe it is moving/growing so slowly below your expectations?


Well, there are several things you must know about Facebook pages.


A Facebook page is what I referred to as creating a “community of believers” Seiminiyifa (2019). A Facebook page gives you the opportunity to share your ideas with those who believes in you and want to hear from you.


So, for your Facebook page to be growing, you need several self-tools. These includes but not limited to:


1. Creativity: Your audience are in high expectation. You must entertain them according to their level. So, if you cannot generate contents to the benefits of your audience, the page will not grow


2. Relevance: Your page must be relevant. Now, I am a researcher. If you add me to a religious group, I will either not comment, like of react to your post or I will leave in the long run. Always create contents that are relevant to your audience.


3. Engagements: If you have a Facebook page but you are not aware of what is engagements, it is like you have an apartment but do not know how to maintain it. Engagements refers to comments, likes, reactions, messages, call to action, etc. You must create contents that put your page/group engagement at an all time high.


4. Promotion: If you are selling in your page, you may have focused too much on selling. Why not give back sometimes in form of cash, kinds and so on? You can also give back my teaching your audience certain things they do not know before. Sometimes, it can even be the things related about your products. We call it selling as if you are not selling. Many will even make order because of such level of engagements and added knowledge you just shared on a product.


5. Level of Intelligence: You know, members of your audience may be very intelligent. If you are posting unintelligent stuffs, they will leave because maybe your grammar or so is offending their sensibilities. They cannot just stoop so low to allow a “never-do-well” to be their admin. As in, who does that?


Okay, What If You Are Not Creative? What If You Lack Contents?


Well, lacking contents should never be a problem. Then, you must do the following:


1. Join groups and pages of all social media as much as you can especially from other states, country and continents.

2. From the knowledge you gain from those related pages.groups, etc., translate their ideas, especially the one that relates to your business and make it your posts.


3. Take for instance, my business motto is “step in the right vocation…” I lifted this from a page call Undandy on Facebook which sells quality shoes and whose motto is “step in the right direction”. I hope you see the link?


4. Try as much as possible to be interpretative: If you want to share news but you do not have the capacity to move around, good. From the convenience of your home, visit dependable sites like Vanguard, Daily Times, etc., and read their news, then translate the content to your own. You can also use their materials and cite them as the source of your news.


So, is your page/group not working well today? Spice it up with content now!

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