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Are you afraid of the up-coming Post UTME Examinations? Like you don’t even know what to expect?

Are you uncertain of what the questions may look like?…


Maybe you have failed once, twice, thrice or as someone told me five times and you do not want that to happen again?


Did you score low in JAMB and want to make a mind-blowing score in Post UTME to beef things up?

Or maybe you want a particular course or nothing else?


Are you afraid that you may not score well in JAMB?


Have you been writing JAMB and Post UTME but not gaining admission? Well very soon, if care is not taken, you will start saying it is only your things that are different. All your friends have gotten admission. Only you is left. Wait, abi na community people dey do me? Lols.


Of course, your anticipation is high right now especially if this is your second or third attempts. I sympathize with those in this show.


Let me tell you. I am going to share free tips with you, what you MUST do to score a mind-blowing Post UTME score to ensure that your overall grade is good enough for admission.


Well, let us discuss some basic issues you need to know first. After now, at the end of this discussion, I will share an e-book worth over N5,000 with you for free! You do not have to pay for it this session.


So, lets talk first.


Many students are not aware of what Post UTME examination really is. Do you even know that many applicants think that because it is called screening, there will be no exams? They think they will just bring their papers and school will check, boom! them dom get admission.

Some are just writing for the first time while others may be “Post UTME Returning Candidates”. While first timers may often mistook it as the same as JAMB, returning candidates have not really understood why they perform poorly and not gain admission in previous attempts. Anyways, just believe me when I tell you that Post UTME and JAMB are two different examinations.


Why Am I Qualified To Discuss Admissions Issues With You?


Well, permit me to address myself as a University Admission Don. This is because I have over 400 publications on this website aimed at helping university admission seekers gain admission across Nigeria at no cost.

Let me Introduce myself

My name is Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules.

Graduated as a Business Educator (first degree/B. Ed.) Niger Delta University

Currently a Post-graduate student (Business/Vocational/Marketing Education /M. Ed. In V.)

Hope to focus specifically on Internet Marketing in my Ph.D. programme within the next couple of years.

Read more about me at the bottom of this discuss


So, I believe after learning and investigating and researching on vocational tutelage for the past decade, I am qualified to discuss with you issues that bothers on your admissions especially for free.

Anyways, no look all those descriptions above o. I be very humble, playful and easy-going person as you will see inside this discuss. Because I use pidgin well well for this discuss. Afterall, who grammer elp?


If you see my face, I be like who serious die, but inside my mind, na laugh laugh na im full inside.


Now, back to the matters on ground


Why must you prepare well for your Post UTME examinations more than even JAMB?


You must prepare harder because JAMB and Post UTME examinations no be mate.


Some people go tell you say 5 easy steps to gain admission without reading… Poof! Nothing come out. When you must have seen your post UTME result, nobody go tell you say na armed robber motor you go enter so. Besides, you really need to read because university is a research community – a reading ground. In fact, this publication when I dey discuss with you so, na very serious hard work as e take me days to comeplete, reread and edit am well make you no see any error.

Ok, let me tell you why both JAMB and Post UTME no mates.


JAMB Examinations

In JAMB examinations, the candidates are so many and JAMB eyes (oversight) is often unable to oversee (cover) what is really happening in all the centres. This is why you see that it is possible to impersonate, cheat or fake documents in JAMB. This is the major reason why JAMB punished some CBTs this year. Don’t believe what I just said. Read it from JAMB itself…


This is April 9, 2020 report:

“The board said out of the 1,945,983 million candidates who sat for this year’s examination, 195 candidates were involved in different forms of examination misconduct. According to the board, the misconduct includes examination by proxy, connivance to cheat, smuggling of mobile phones and electronic devices into examination hall, attempt to cheat and double registration. Other examination misconducts as outlined by the board were tampering with exam documents, forceful entrance, double registration, faking of vital documents and unruly behaviour by candidates.”


So, you see? Boys believe that there are many ways to kill a rat. They always find their ways to cheat in JAMB. This is even more possible as many CBT owners have given themselves off to bypassing JAMB standards. So, such an examination that cheating is possible is not what you want to use to compare Post UTME screening exercise.


Moreover, the average score of JAMB is often higher than that of individual post UTME. This is to say that people pass JAMB more than Post UTME in general. That is why you see students having good grades in JAMB but having very miserable Post UTME Scores.


In JAMB exams, sizable CBTs allow students to complete their time, but in Post UTME, it is a matter of attempt the ones you know or as many as you can within the shortest time. So, the slow learners/writers suffers. This is why you have to build your brain to scan through a question and know the answer immediately without wasting much time. I will tell you how you can do that.


Immediately you see the beginning sentence, you dom know the answer already. This is only applicable in some subjects only though. But yes, you can do it. We shall help you do it. With the necessary materials and tutelage, you can do it. It is however, upon you whether you are ready to score high or not. If others are doing it and giving testimonies, then you are equal to the task ahead.


Post UTME Screening Exercise


Hmmm…. You see that Post UTME so bros? Na im them dey call OYO (On Your Own). You no go even try am look back. They don’t cease Post UTME result o. Never! You will never hear that a university cancelled its Post UTME screening exercise. Because they are well conducted under strict surveillance. If you look corner, fiam! Outside!

Infact, outside the country. Lols.

Na so o.

In 2008 when I wrote my Post UTME examination (then, it was called Post JAMB). You know waraimean? Children of indomie generation will never understand wetin be post JAMB. Please, when next you see me for school gate, just press your two hands together, stretched forward adequately and shake me. We are not mates. Lols.

But I am damn serious. Post UTME examinations is strictly on your own. It was called Post JAMB screening. Then, we were writing offline with biros and papers.


I remembered I wrote mine in Niger Delta University, Main Campus Auditorium. Then, the chairs were not as modern as it is right now. We had wooden desks and benches that were “as long as iroko trees”.


I sat over here, you sit there. In today’s Nigeria, that is what we will call “I no like this your gumming body”. Lols. If you carry mind of cheating go exam hall, you just waste your time. Carry two Ostrich necks join each other self make the other guy open him work for you, nothing you go see because you are far off.


To be frank, I was very intelligent then and now and even in the future. Lols. Just that na mathematics dey disgrace my whole community. Oboy, if you see my mathematics result, chaie! One day, I was asking myself, How do I manage to pass Maths from Primary 1 till University. But surprisingly now, I am one of the best when it comes to statistics now in my enclaves. My academic research works sent abroad are often returned with superior comments from international supervisors. How life changes!


So, back to 2008, in Auditorium, Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State. I was sitting in Kaduna, the next girl close to me in the same bench was sitting in Lagos. Just imagine that I brought the mindset of cheating, my cup of garri for dom full with jara (extra) that day.


But unfortunately, most unfortunately the girl at the other end was just not writing. As at when I completed my questions and got up, she never even finish one subject. There was no way to help. You cannot even look left nor right. Your biro fall, the oversabi guy standing behind will tell you to “be like that”. He will come and pick it for you as if you sent him.


Then again, you cannot even commit crime because Big Police dogs are everywhere, roaming the paths of the University. Chai! under Prof. Chris Ikporukpo, NDU was really NDU. There is no old student that will not miss Prof. Ikporukpo. That was the time when NDU witnessed the lowest crime/cultism rate. You mess things up outside school, security go come out come fish you out. Till date, NDU remains the University with the lowest cultist activities in Nigeria.


So, this is just how Post UTME life is. Very strict. Then it was ordinary biro and paper o. Now come add cbt, it is what we call “it is finished”. It is between you and the computer and/invigilator. No asking the next candidate any question. The invigilators squeeze face like say you offend them come from house. In this type of exams, Only proper preparation will help you.


Ok. Now, let us look at Post UTME examinations under CBT conditions because this my story since is outdated as I have been discussing from 2008.


Post UTME Examination Now


Concerning how post UTME examinations look like as regards the writing, Jambites will get upper hand because both JAMB and Post UTME na CBT examinations. Of course, you already know that you have to submit before time elapse. Although in the Niger Delta University, in as much as you click “save” after answering each question, it is saved already. So, when time elapse against you, the system automatically submits for you. But in many other universities that their system has not been programmed like this, if you do not submit, you score 0. Case close. So, always submit before time elapse.


But even so, it is still on your own (OYO) basis. You dare not look back. To do what? If you do anyhow, when those non-academic staff when God go soon push so, sorry, when God go soon bless so catch you. Hmmm. Well, let me no go there. Make you no go say uncle Mike is discouraging you. In the next discourse which is already prepared, I will list out how you must conduct yourself in Post UTME conditions as the environment MAY be new altogether to you.


Now, Know this!


JAMB Questions and Post UTME questions differs. Post UTME questions have more technicalities than JAMB questions, so, you need to farmiliarize yourself with the Post UTME questions as much as you can.


Keep on reading past questions and answers of the Post UTME examinations to the University you applied for.


Last year, Preshy from Lagos, one of my academic god-daughter (in each year, I mentor university admission seekers into the university triumphantly without hitches) came out from her examinations very early. She came to the office. I was like, ha! Them drive you come out? She said know o. I am done!


The devil is a liar. How comobai? (How come about?) She said from the Post UTME past questions and answer she read, it seems they lifted her questions from 2013/2014 academic session which was actually the last session she reviewed before she entered the hall.


So, all the while the invigilators were squeezing face like who chop shit so, Preshy was seriously marking answers like say na she set the questions. Thankfully, Preshy is now an NDU 100 level Engineering student (Full name is Alamene Precious).


Now, I am not saying you must read past questions. But if only you understand that university admission na competition, I shouldn’t be the one to ask you to find past questions and answers to tie your cloth very well before you enter Post UTME examination hall. If you really know what you want, I believe you already know what to do from my counselling.


Now, I for like stop here, but I will still go on because I know say many Jambites like story pass anything for this lockdown now.


By now, your curiosity dom rise. How does the university look like? You are anticipating the new life of extreme freedom. No more sit at home order.


Young man/woman, look hia. If you allow all of that get in your head, your academics will suffer o. Just try to focus.


Ok, this discussion will never end with these series because we shall keep on publishing until you graduate. We shall continue to send you academic discusses like this to set your mind up against what is coming – your admission. So, you have to subscribe at the bottom to be receiving our email regularly.


This is just the part I of this series. In the part II, we shall be discussing in details tips to help you score a mind blowing grade in your post UTME examinations


Well, I want to thank you for reading this my publication. I believe you are ready to read subsequent publications.


This material has been made free by virtue of your elder siblings patronizing us here in school. We hope that when you have the opportunity to patronize us, you will do so that we too can keep on publishing to the benefits of university admission seekers


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