So, I have this parent/sponsor who called to inquire about admissions and university requirements for his daughter.

After the discussion, I asked for the daughter’s phone number to add her to where her colleagues are congregated.

He declined, noting that he does not allow his daughter to operate WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media handles.

I was very pleased though because you know how social media is these days. Sexual predators, fraudsters etc. are everywhere.

However, though this is a very good decision, there is a bad side to it.

So now the question. Why Must You Allow Your University Admission Seeker (ward) to have an Android phone?

To get this clear, let me tell you a story.

In 2019, probably around October, an admission seeker was directed to my office.

What is the matter? I asked.

I have been granted admission sir, so the person who is helping me asked me to come and do registration.

As a professional in university admission issues, I already knew that something is wrong.

How did I know?

Then, The Niger Delta University where he claimed to have gotten admission has not started granting admissions. Only Jamb admissions has been released and it was just first batch in JAMB then.

So, if someone claimed he has been granted admission by NDU as at then, it means some senior men has been operating somewhere.

I know what to do already. I sat him down, calmed him down, elicited his login details in JAMB, logged in successfully, checked, of course your guess is as good as mine. No admission there.

Unfortunately, he has paid the following fees already (in the university, we call these fees “mugu fees”):

1. Indigeneship fee of N5,000 (this fee is non-existent as at today)
2. Acceptance fee N40,000
3. Hostel Fees N40,000
There are also some other petty fees he has paid all totaling N120,000 or so: all to the fraudster’s account.

The next line of payment of school fees led him to the school. Luckily, they insisted they must see him and pay him in person.

This was where matters busted.

The fraudster directed him to an office besides the Dean of students Affairs block in Newsite but on getting there, his number stopped going through.

That was where a good Samaritan led him to my office.

Well, the first step here is to report to the NDU security.

After the report, the CSO told me to do all I can to help them fish out the culprits.

The story of trailing the culprits down to Asaba, Delta State will be a story for another day.

Why did I bring in this story you may ask?

Well, the boy fell for fraudsters because he lacked proper, dependable and resourceful information that we provide to all Post UTME Applicants because he was using a 2G phone that does not browse.

Those who use our website, WhatsApp and Facebook channels to get information always call us to confirm the veracity of charges. So, they hardly fall for fraudulence.

Now, I called the mother who was disappointed knowing for the first time that all the money she was paying were into a yahoo pocket.

I told her, “your son fell for fraudsters because of the phone he is using” If he was using an Android phone, he could easily browse information, join WhatsApp groups, join Facebook groups and like our Facebook pages where we disseminate resourceful information about universities across the nation.

Guess what? When the boy came back to buy Basic form later in November, 2019, his android phone was better than mine. Wow! I shouted. Now mum is doing something. “This is a fraudster catching Android phone”, I exclaimed.

Advise to Parents
If your ward is pursuing university education, there are excuses why you may not permit him/her to use Android phone. But the benefits and imperative of using same far outweighs the disadvantages that is necessitating your decisions.

What do you expect him/her to carryout research? With her teeth? Your daughter/son in the university needs correct Android phone to perform well in school. Please, accord him/her all dues rights and privileges.

Why are you still checking on her so intimately? BP go catch you when she enter university o. You can’t follow her to classes now. Can you?

If you are sure you have given her enough home training, then good. Leave her to use the morals so imbibed to make her decisions. He/she must start it now at home before they come to the university and see that it is a whole new life out here and begin to join all sorts of groups in an attempt to test the new life out.

So, get him/her and Android phone now as admissions is getting near. Do not make him/her look like a novice whence they finally gained admission and they are given assignments but cannot use their Android phones (because you will surely buy for them later) to do ordinary assignment.

Thank you for reading.

The discussant has been:
Michael Oghenenyoreme Jules
Vocational/Business/Marketing Educator
Department of Vocational and Technology Education
Faculty of Education,
Niger Delta University
Wilberforce Island
Bayelsa State.

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