There is a fair proportion of students who currently have their school fees for previous sessions (i.e. 2017/2018 and 2018/2019) but do not have the opportunity to pay as a result of the closure of payment of fees for all previous sessions.

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This has led many students to wonder what would become of their fate in the school. With no hope, many students have started using their fees again as management has not said anything concerning the portal re-opening. The question begging fo answers now is “WILL THE NIGER DELTA UNIVERSITY OPEN ITS PORTAL FOR SCHOOL FEES PAYMENT AGAIN?”

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Well, in previous years, NDU was not in the habits of closing payment opportunities (although there has been several cases of such manual deadline in the absence of current online portals). Even in rare cases like these in the past, only late payment charge is attached to the original fee. Payment usually continues like that.

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However, management may have felt the need to instill stringent measures whence a more percentage of students fails to comply with payment and complete pending registrations thereby complicating the university’s academic recordings. In one of the VC’s radio interviews which was shared live in the VC’s Facebook page, the VC lamented that out of 18,000 students, only 3,000+ have complied with payment and proper registration.

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With such huge shortfall in compliance on the part of the students, management MAY have been forced to apply regulations that will force both parents and students to try make some moves towards clearing their obligations to the university.

You know what? It always works when threats of payment portal closure is issued by management. Once bulletin is released, many parents an students make more efforts to pay up. However, the efforts of many may have been too late as the VC this time around has used nail and hammer (so to say) to lock the portal.

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So, Will NDU Open the Portal for 2018/2019 School Fees Payment Again?

Management has not released any statement regarding reopening of the payment of school fees for 2018/2019 and beyond. In fact, scores of sources revealed that all calls of plea placed to the VC has not yielded any positive results.

But if we go by the data that only 3,000+ students has made their payment out of 18,000 students, it means that close to 15,000 students will defer their admission. Will this really be possible?

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Well, such decision is the exclusive reserve of management. However, it is very possible that the portal MAY be opened again, hence, all defaulting students should get their payment ready so that when NDU finally opens up a little window (say one week) to make the payment, you can hurriedly pay up, get your receipts and go relax yourself.

This is very possible. In earlier sessions, NDU had always given weeks of grace to pay up, especially for those who then got their payment after the initial closure. Thus, we are currently hoping for a grace period after which the portal MAY be closed again.

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The VC is seen as a person who understands administration and does it better than anyone else, hence, he understands better that his children (the community of students) does not really needs deferment at this hour.

Many students are on self sponsorship and after suffering to push themselves halfway, do you really think the good VC will make any policy to put students on the path of depression? Many believe that the policy of the lockdown is to ensure that all students pay up. So, if you have not gotten your fees ready, do so now as it is very possible the management will look positively into the closure and do something about it to the benefit of all.

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Add the ongoing pandemic, it can even be speculated that after the ordeal, the story of payment closure MAY even be a thing to be forgotten since the pandemic will greatly affect the economy.

At this hour when landlords are no longer asking for rents, lenders are overlooking borrowers/debtors, even God is forgiving more sins, is it at such hour that the NDU management will be closing portals on students?

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Granted, the fees payment has long been due, but if we tamper justice with mercy, the students will have the upper hand after the pandemic.

Glory be to God
God bless NDU and the students community.

The discussant is Michael Oghenenoreme Jules
Vocational/Business Educator
A & U Ng

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