The current trend of worries amongst most 2020/2021 Post UTME Prospective Applicants is the challenge of delay in the writing of WAEC and/or NECO examinations. This is because most Jambites used awaiting results in their JAMB applications.

What is Awaiting Result

Awaiting result refers to a situation where a candidate who intend to apply for JAMB examination do not have O’level results. It may also be that the candidate have O’level result but it is incomplete, maybe there is no Maths, English or one major course needed to complete the 5 O’level requirements for his/her programme of study.

Such candidate is expected to use the acronym AR, meaning awaiting result while filling the O’level grades in the JAMB form. The candidate does this because he/she has or is expected to register for WAEC/NECO and when the result is out, you are to go back to JAMB portal and do what is called O’level Reupload.

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JAMB has become so strict now. If your O’level is not ready before admission, JAMB will not grant you admission. So, now that there is delay in the writing of WAEC and NECO, won’t there be challenges re-uploading the awaiting results?

What We Should Expect

Well, even though this Covid-19 pandemic would cause some forms of delay, it is expected that JAMB and universities would put this delay into considerations. So, as a Jambite, do not worry yourself about this challenge. The issue is between JAMB, Universities and WAEC/NECO. Since they are aware of the current challenge, they will mend time to ensure that whenever your result is ready, you can use it for the admission.

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Take note however, that if you fail the subject that makes you use awaiting result, there will be no more admission, because you will not be allowed to gain admission with incomplete results.

So, if you are troubled about the delay in writing WAEC/Neco and getting your awaiting results ready before admission, then worry no more. The relevant institutions will work it out for those affected.

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