Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, incumbent World Health Organization boss has come under severe criticism for helping China cover up early warnings from Taiwan medicare experts on coronavirus human-to-human infections but instead, praise China’s competence in containing the virus spread.

According to experts mainly from the United states, corroborated by the Taiwanese government, Taiwan had since early January warned WHO that there are overwhelming signs of human-to-human infections of the coronavirus since frontline doctors are getting sick of the virus.

The Allegation is that WHO ignored these early warnings because it is helping China to suppress Taiwan presence in UN. Till date, UN still recognizes Taiwan as a region of China and not a country of its own.

According to the US government, WHO’s negligence has/is causing thousands of American lives and across the world by extension.

WHO may have ignored Taiwanese early warnings because the documents were titled under a Taiwanese unrecognized government or there was a conspiracy on the part of the duo to ensure that the virus spread across the world.

Whichever the case may be, the American citizens are calling for the WHO boss to step down with hundreds of thousands of American signatories already submitted online.

Do you think what happened to the League of Nations will eventually happen to the UN as a result of its health arm’s negligence? The end will justify it all.

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