Inside NDU’s Theatre Arts Freshmen Induction

The NDU Theatre Arts induction is one beautiful ceremony to behold. This year’s induction ceremony came with a different style altogether with beautiful attires.

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Induction ceremonies is basically for 100 level students across Faculties who perform such functions. However, the induction ceremony of the Department of Theatre Arts, Niger Delta University runs for three days consecutively.

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The ceremony held from 11th March, 2020 and lasted through 13th March, 2020 and was held in the Lecture Theatre Hall which is the original home to the university artistes.

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The first day entails pledging to the Department, taking an oath and entertainment consisting of singing and dancing. The Vice Chancellor was also present to address the freshmen and to share in the entertaining ceremony.

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After the VC address, all students of the Department from 100 level to 400 level partake in the carnival procession. Students dress in various entertaining regalia which represent different cultures and backgrounds.

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The second day consists of the presentation of first stage play by 100 level students. This year’s stage play came out beautifully and was titled “When the Arrows Rebounds”.

The third and last day is all about dances which was also very entertaining and beautiful. This year’s Theatre Arts induction was specifically entertaining as a result of the different style of regalia worn by different students.

Beautiful Arts, beautiful people, beautiful cultures…