Since morning, there has been series of information going round, possibly done for the purpose of catching April fools. However, many students are taking these information as true and are having unnecessary expectations.


Below is a list of information students has been calling to confirm:


1: 4th April, 2020 As Resumption Date

There has been rumors that university students are to resume 4th April, 2020. This information may be for April fools because the nation in on a lockdown. Even if schools are to resume, the lockdown must have been lifted. So, you should either disregard the information or confirm from your university.

2: Gov. Douye Diri Reduced Bayelsa School Fees to N50,000 for Indigenes and N70,000 for Non-indigenes

This is another information that you should never take seriously as the wave of April fool is still blowing. If there is any information concerning reduction of school fees, the radio stations will announce it. The universities and all schools affected will announce it and a bulletin will be released to that effect. So, if you have helped shared the school fees reduction information without adding the April fool clause, you should do all you can to correct such information as it is not correct.

3: Federal Government start sharing money for the poor and vulnerable

As a Nigerian, of course you have heard of ‘audio money’ or ‘newspaper money’. These are money that are only mentioned but in reality, they are not seen. We are only hoping that the Federal Government redeem its promise, but currently, all those persons posting that they have received covid-19 stay at home alert are just catching in on April fools.

4: NDU School Fees Portal For PREVIOUS Sessions Re-opened

As at today, only school fees payment for the current 2019/2020 session has been confirmed to be reopened. Previous session school fees still remains closed. To confirm whether previous school fees has been opened, login to your ndufees account and make an attempt to pay. The result should be the true state of affairs.


If you look intently, you will realize that most of our information are traced to an office or a source. However, April fool’s day information are very miserable. No source, just carry talk. So, try to trace the source of any information before you believe.


Appeal: Once again, we use this opportunity to appeal to our teeming readers that our previous post on school fees reduction was for the joke. It was an April Fool’s day post. Please, disregard it in all its entirety. No part of it was correct since it was for April fools.