• Locals believe in God: shuns measures to combat coronavirus pandemic
  • Amassoma NURTW workers apply state government’s new directives for transport companies/drivers
  • 2018/2019 school fees portal still closed: current session payment closing month end
  • Businesses dwindles as students evacuate community
  • Main campus and CHS bereft of activities
  • No local community effort in place to combat the possible pandemic

Interviews and visits to various sites in Amassoma today revealed that the global coronavirus pandemic is yet to show its ugly face in the community even as its effect has overwhelmed locals. In this special update, we take a preview of the community, traveling along the major streets of Amassoma and visiting various public places to see how people are faring.

Locals believe in God: Shuns Measures

The Amassoma town happens to be very calm even as businesses are still opened like nothing is happening. From the look of things, many are yet to comply with the stay at home appeal to break the chain of spread of the novel coronavirus.

Many persons, both indigenes and non-indigenes believe that since they trust in God, no harm shall come their way. They despise the mask and sanitizers and would mock those putting it on.

Taking any form of precaution happens not to be part of many person’s plans in Amassoma as very few are seen wearing the mask. It is believed that whence a case is reported closeby, the locals may begin to adhere, but for now, many are still adamant, believing nothing shall come close.

Thanks for media sensitization, otherwise, those who must have adhered may not have seen/felt the need to do so. The little who have started adhering are now taking the responsibility to talk people out of their religious beliefs and adhere.

Amassoma NURTW workers apply state government’s new directives for transport companies/drivers

A visit to the Amassoma Endipele park and NDU park revealed that the public drivers has effected the state government’s directives on passengers carriage. It was seen that small vehicles were carrying only one passenger at the front while two persons were sitting at the back, making it a total of three persons per trip. However, for 14/18 seater buses, only one passenger sits at the front, while two takes a row at the back. Therefore, 18 seater buses now carries a maximum of 9 passengers only.

The strict followup on the state government directives did not come at the expense of the drivers but the passengers. A staff of the Amassoma park who took our correspondent around to show circumstances noted that the buses now charge N400 per seat while taxis now charge N500 per seat. This is double of the previous charges of N200 for buses and N300 for cars.

On the implementation and continued followup, a driver in the park noted that for now, they are just following the order to save lives and help cushion the effect of transmission. The driver also noted that it will be so till further notice.

On whether there will be sanctions or taskforce setup to punish drivers who do not obey the directives, the driver said “there are police along the road to do that”.

It was not seen that any health measure like park sanitization was ongoing. It was directed that parks should sanitize their environment regularly, however, such is yet to be seen in the park as at the time of investigation.

2018/2019 School Fees Portal Still Closed: Current session payment closing month end

In line with the NDU management directives, the school fees portal for last session is still closed as against what many students are currently saying. There has been several side talks that the portal is now opened for last session. However, after checking the portal for possible payment, we found that the portal is still close for last session fees payment.

However, the payment for the current session is ongoing and will close 31st March, 2020. Students are advised to pay up before the deadline or apply for suspension of studies.

Businesses dwindles as students evacuate community

Unfavourable business times is a regular affair in the Amassoma community as it is a university environment where school always go on holidays, strikes, etc. It is a normal affair that when a university goes on holidays or strike, the local community often witness downturn in business.

Amassoma is not left out. Currently, businesses are not doing well with very poor sales. This affect various businesses ranging from food vendors to cafes down to building materials shops.

Interviews indicates that the current situation was expected owing to initial ASUU two-week warning strike and consequent FG shut down of universities as a result of coronavirus pandemic. The situation is expected to continue until normalcy returns.

Main Campus and CHS bereft of activities

A visit to the CHS and Main Capus revealed that the two campuses were bereft of activities as students were absent and staff were also absent except for some critical offices who are hastening up private activities to close work.

Several students has been calling to know if any academic activities is ongoing as many were writing their examinations before the two-week warning strike. However, students should know that anything academics is under suspension for the time being as announced by the VC.

It is very imperative that students remain indoors as they have no obligation outside. Staying indoors and avoiding social obligations is for our personal good at this hour.

No local community effort in place to combat a possible pandemic


Currently, there is no form of local effort by individuals and the Amassoma community. All efforts in Amassoma has been as a result of the state government directives on transportation. It was expected that communities will exert themselves to help the federal and state government but many communities are yet to do anything.

Stay tuned…

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