Many students, as a result of their distance from the university has been receiving many information – both true and untrue – about activities in the school. Recently, many students has called to confirm if the school fees payment portal has closed and that if at all the 31st March deadline for the current session has closed.

Well, from our investigation about the school fees payment portal, there has been no confirmed bulletin from management that school fees payment for last session has been opened neither the current March 31st deadline for the current session has been abolished.
In fact, the school fees payment portal, is still showing 8 days countdown to 31st March. So, it MAY not be true that the deadline has been lifted neither has the closure for last session school fees payment be reopened.

Whatever, it is, always try to follow the university’s NDU Radio Facebook page to get any verified info since the university will always publish issues like this there.

Sources indicates that various personal contacts with management officials to lift the closure and deadline has not yielded any fruit since management still maintains its stand on the issue.

Recall that management had earlier brought out a bulletin to inform students of the need to pay all pending fees and register before the end of April. Till date, issues still remains the same.


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