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The deadline for the payment of school fees for freshers which was March 31st, 2020 still remains even as the school fees payment portal has been clocked to close by 12:00 midnight.

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A current visit to the school fees payment portal shows a countdown timer reading “12d 19h 21m 19s to shutdown”. This means 12 days, 19 hours, 21mins and 19s to shutdown.

The school management had earlier informed the public that 100 level students who are unable to meet up with the payment deadline should apply for deferment of their studies and resume next session which is by October-November this year and restart as year one students.

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The VC in a radio interview which was streamed live in his Facebook page lamented that out of over 18,000 students, only a little above 3,000 had paid their fees.

Recall that the management had earlier closed school fees payment for the previous session late last month and up till this moment, nothing has been done about it. The portal still remain closed for last session. The management had informed students who are yet to pay their last session school fees to defer that the opportunity to pay up last year fees is no longer available.

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The closure of the payment of fees for NDU returning students and for freshers this month end has sparked outrage on various social media platforms with Facebook taking the lead. The students community are planning all possible means to pressure and overwhelm the management to rescind its decision on school fees deadline.

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Many parents have also showed concerns over the situation, calling and making request on what can be done to shift the date probably till next semester.

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The situation had sent many students into depression as many are still battling to meet up. If this policy scale through, it means students will be missing a whole session. Not only losing a session, but also losing all the efforts halfway done halfway.