Currently, many 2020 Jambites has been calculating the admission timeline and anticipating the time their JAMB results will be released. The understanding of when their results will be released may help quell or satisfy their curiosity.

Well, there is no stipulated date by JAMB as to when they will release the 2020 UTME results. However, the knowledge of how it was done in the past will help us forecast when 2020 results will be released.

It is very important to know that JAMB 2019 UTME Results were released on the 11th of May, 2019. JAMB Board earlier announced that the 2019 UTME result will be released either on Wednesday, 1st of May or Friday 3rd May, 2019. However, there were technical issues here and there which caused an unexpected delay. This delay caused so much commotion that there was confusion amongst parents, Jambites and the general public. Finally, JAMB later released it on May 11th, 2019.

Meanwhile, JAMB 2019 Computer-Based UTME examination held from 11th April till Wednesday, 17th April 2019. From this time till the result release was almost 4 weeks. This is to say that the 2019 JAMB examination results took up to 4 weeks before release.

When should Jambites Expect 2020 UTME Results?

This is the question that is on the minds of all candidates who are participating in the JAMB 2020 Examination. Ok, the truth is that JAMB result is always released within one week. Back to 2018, examinations started March 9th to March 17, 2018 while results were released on the 20th of March, 2018. This is even less than a week. Therefore, all things being equal, JAMB 2020 results would be released within one week.

Results are not usually released immediately after the exams, this is to allow JAMB review the activities of the candidates and to minimize the number of cancellations.

Therefore, to avoid the circumstances of cancellations, candidates should try to avoid involvement in malpractices that necessitates JAMB to cancel centres, therefore, affecting candidates whose hands are clean.